Soon, Micro USB Will Charge Our Smartphones Whichever Way Round We Like

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When it comes to charging our Android phones, we’re pretty blessed in that no matter whether you have a Samsung, Sony, LG, HTC or whatever other Android smartphone, all of the cables are the same. MicroUSB is something many of us don’t really think about but, it makes life a whole lot easier for us Android users, we can easily borrow a charger from our friends when we’ve played too much Angry Birds or we need to crash the night. It’s also an industry standard, which is always nice to see. Apple users have had it pretty good for a while as well, with the same 30-pin connector charging iPhones, iPods and iPads until that is, Apple through that out in favor of the new “lightning” connector. Well, it looks like Android smartphones might well be heading that way, too.

The USB 3.0 Promoter group, as AndroidBeat is reporting, has introduced initial plans for a new type of USB 3.0 connector, dubbed affectionately “Type C”. The connector we plug into our phones every night right now is known as “Micro B”. This new connector that the group is going to push can function no matter which way round it’s inserted, a la Apple’s lightning connector. You’r probably thinking “great, we’ve got a whole bunch of new cables to go out and buy” but, that’s not going to be something you need to worry about just yet.

The connector is only in the first stages right now and there isn’t even a photo of it out there to take a look at. So, we wouldn’t expect to see these connectors appear in smartphones until the second half of next year, at the very earliest. It is however, refreshing to see that we’re not going to be stuck with Micro USB forever and USB 3.0 could carry faster speeds and make video out a much easier prospect. I don’t know about you all but, I’ve had a fair few nights where I’m having a sudden loss of intelligence and I’ve attempted to charge my phone the wrong way over and over so, a foolproof connector might be nice to have.

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  • mlass

    Not sure what you mean. My Samsung Note 3 has a USB 3 cable.

    • Evan R

      As the article says, the Type C connector is not in use yet. Your Note 3 is almost guaranteed to be using USB Micro B. USB 2.0 or 3.0 has nothing to do with the connector itself but the internal USB hardware and drivers which control the data rate (speed of the cable).

      • curly4

        I have seen the Type C connector on a Toshiba portable 2.5″ hard drive in a store near by.

        • Evan R

          You must be mistaken, because Type C is not yet available.

        • curly4

          I stand corrected. I compared the picture to the one on the portable hard drive and it looks like the one in the picture above. I don’t know what is pictured but I don’t think it can be plugged in either way. It looks like that it would plug in on in one orientation.

      • mlass

        That is where the confusion came in. USB 2 Micro B cable versus a USB 3 Micro B cable. On the wiki it shows it as a USB 3 Micro B connector. I assumed that the Note the was the new USB 3 connector.

  • Peter Pugliese

    I think I’d prefer to stick to the current “standard” cable since nearly everything is using it now. We should be looking at the Qi wireless standard if you want to not worry about which way your cable goes.

    • mlass

      I wouldn’t mind seeing a change to make them stronger. I have seen to many damaged cable ends, ports, and problems with loose. Wireless charging would be nice standard, even better if every console in a vehicle was a charging base.

    • Joe Martinson

      How about both? No rule that says you can’t have better and more widely used wireless charging and a new improved usb connector.