Samsung Hopes to Squeeze 4 GB RAM into Upcoming Smartphones

| December 30, 2013 | 7 Replies


We had been drooling over the 3 GB RAM in the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. However, Samsung has plans to bring something better for us in 2014. Samsung has recently unveiled its latest offering – an 8 gigabit (1 GB) low power double data rate 4 (LPDDR4) mobile. If Samsung is to be believed, they are the first to launch an 8 Gb LPDDR4 RAM chip, which would lead to 4 GB of RAM in a multi-layered package for mobile devices.

The chip is fabricated on a 20 nanometer (nm) class process technology and offers 1 GB on a single die, which is the largest density available for DRAM components today. Since the new chip has moved over to the 3.1 Gbps DDR4 standards, the performance of the RAM would be boosted by 50%. Despite the boost in performance, this new chip from Samsung has a lesser power footprint than its DDR3 predecessors – the power requirement is reduced by up to 40%.

The release from Samsung states that “[their] new high-speed 8Gb LPDDR4 mobile DRAM will provide the highest level of density, performance and energy efficiency for mobile memory applications, enabling end users to have faster, more responsive applications, more advanced features, and higher resolution displays while maximizing battery life.

Samsung expects to get the technology ready for mass deployment sometime in 2014. The Korean manufacturer plans to utilize the LPDDR4 chip in large screen mobile phones and tablet devices which support ultra-HD displays – to power up those extra pixels. They also plan to expand the use of the LPDDR4 chips in uHD Laptops as well.


It seems that 2014 would definitely see some exciting things in the mobile arena. As on date a 4 GB DDR3 RAM is a staple attaché on laptops, however the mobile phone bandwagon has been limited to 2 GB DDR3 RAMs, with the exception of the aforementioned Samsung Galaxy Note 3, which boasts of a 3 GB RAM. Once Samsung puts the new LPDDR4 chips in mass production, we would definitely be seeing more traction on our smartphones. Couple this with the 64 bit Exynos processor from Samsung or the Snapdragon 805 and we would be in tech heaven.

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  • seilerbird

    Who could possibly use 4 gigs of ram in a phone??? That is just stupid.

  • Gianluca

    In my opinion, actually, it’s complete unuseful. They should improve other aspects of their devices, like battery life, and not continue increasing RAM and CPU’s frequency, today’s software can’t exploit them at the maximum of their possibilities.

  • Richard Yarrell

    Forward progress is exactly what this game of technology is all about. The Galaxy Note 3 is the ONLY DEVICE on the market today with 3GB of ram nothing else compares period. Samsung has been leading the industry since 2011 and will continue to do because they think ahead for future technology. Plain and simple nothing beats Samsung period.

    • Gianluca

      Yes, we should watch at the future, but it’s unuseful to improve so much RAM and CPU, because actually there isn’t any reason to exaggerate: 2GBs of RAM are already enough to have a good multitasking experience, because the Android OS and it’s apps aren’t very heavy.

      • squiddy20

        Tell that to Samsung and Touchwiz/Nature UI…

    • squiddy20

      Yeah, the Note 3 is the only smartphone with 3GB of RAM… because with as much crapware as Samsung has thrown in that thing, you need the fastest, the most, and the “best”. Meanwhile, a Nexus 5 or Moto X can keep up with, and in many cases, outperform your pimped out Note 3 in real world usage.

  • Kao Xiong

    4 GB RAM sounds awesome cause I would surely hope that they would make much moor complex and better program’s that would amaze us or they can finally make a PlayStation2 and 3 or XBox 360 emulators for smartphone that would be great