Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom Tips And Tricks: Getting The Most Out Of Your S4 Zoom Camera

December 31, 2013 - Written By Jeremiah Nelson

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom is designed for users who want a great camera experience without carrying around multiple devices. It’s the first smartphone ever to pack a 10x optical zoom into its camera. That’s a big deal. There are a few tips and tricks that are available in the S4 Zoom camera that you might not be aware of. We want you to have the best possible experience, so here we go.

Focus The Camera Manually

The S4 Zoom camera has an auto-focus, and you can change the focus by tapping on the screen, like most smartphones. If you really want to take it to the next level though, you can change the focus to a specific location in the frame using the camera’s Expert Mode. Select Expert Mode, and then twist the Zoom ring while depressing the camera shutter a bit. A new interface will appear, allowing you to change the focus closer or further away. Then just twist the zoom Ring to adjust the focus until it’s right where you want it.

Use The Photo Suggest App

The S4 Zoom comes pre-loaded with the Photo Suggest app. It’s designed to help you get the best shot possible by showing you sample photos taken in your current location. This is especially handy when travelling to places you’ve never been before. You can compare other photos taken from your location and line up your shot accordingly. Just open the Photo Suggest app and browse the shots taken by other photo enthusiasts, wherever you happen to be. You’ll need to activate Photo Suggest first by tapping it in the camera Settings menu. After that, you’ll see a menu in the bottom left side of the interface that takes you to the suggested photos. Photo Suggest just needs your GPS location and it will begin to pull in all of the photos taken from where you are.

Customize The S4 Zoom Ring Interface

Activating the camera on the S4 Zoom is easier than just about any other smartphone camera on the market. You just twist the zoom Ring and the camera interface shows right up. There are a total of 5 camera modes available. You can toggle between them based on your current surroundings. There’s also an Auto mode which will automatically adjust to your surroundings. You can select from the 5 most-used modes, and an additional 23 features. You’ll find 25 smart modes like Night, Light Trace, Landscape, and Continuous Shot. Then there are the 3 Expert Mode settings: Manual, Program, and Color Wizard.

Once you find your favorite camera modes, add them to the zoom Ring for quick access. Go to Mode, then My Mode, and then tap Edit. You can do this more quickly by tapping Mode, then Smart Mode, and simply long-pressing on your favorite mode. A little star will show up and that mode will be added to your favorites.

Get Rid Of Background Noise While Shooting Video

Quite often when you want to take a video, you’re somewhere that’s noisy. You don’t want that background noise to end up in your video. The S4 Zoom has a special Quiet Zoom mode for just such a problem. Head to Shooting Mode, than tap on Settings, then Video, and then Sound. Turn on the Quiet Zoom feature. The next time you are in a noisy area and want to capture some video, press Wind cut and turn it on. Now your video should only have the sound you want without all of the background noise. It’s not perfect, but it works surprisingly well.

Get Your Targets Attention

Whether it’s a baby or a group of children or just people who aren’t looking at the camera, we’ve all been in a situation where the intended photo target wouldn’t look our way. The S4 Zoom has a solution for that as well. It’s called Kid Shot mode, and it will automatically play sounds to grab their attention. These include the sound of a rattle, dripping water, and a cat meowing. You can change the sounds by going in to Mode, then Smart Mode, the Kids Shot and tapping on Settings. Select Distraction Sounds and set them to what you want. Problem solved!

Samsung really tried to think of every possible scenario and situation with the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom, and provide solutions that will help you capture that perfect shot. There are even more features, like the built-in holes for mounting the camera on a tripod, that make this the perfect smartphone for those of us who love taking photos.

Do you own a Galaxy S4 Zoom? What are some of the things you do to really maximize your photos?