Report: Sprint Combining Boost and Virgin Mobile As well As Reviving the Nextel Brand

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Here’s some interesting news to end 2013. While we’ve been hearing rumors from various sources that Softbank-owned Sprint is looking to purchase T-Mobile in 2014, and create the ultimate Unlimited Uncarrier. But now it looks like that’s not the only big move Sprint is looking to make in 2014. Sources that spoke with Techcrunch are telling us that Sprint is looking to combine their prepaid carriers, Boost and Virgin Mobile and create a single service known as “Sprint Freedom”. Details are still scarce, as expected, but it’s said that Sprint is intending to go through with the rebranding effort sometime in the first quarter of 2014. Both Boost and Virgin are prepaid brands that run on Sprint’s 3G and 4G networks, and are owned by Sprint.

Additionally, Sprint is looking to revive the Nextel brand that it dropped earlier this year. The new Nextel is expected to replace Clear and target business customers with “premium” plans and devices, including two hotspots and three tablets that will be able to access the Sprint Spark tri-band 4G LTE service. As far as rate plans go, Sprint is looking to offer unlimited data for hotspots with price tiered by speeds as well as new group plans.

So far it’s looking like Sprint has some pretty ambitious plans for 2014. Which is great. I’d love to see Sprint be a real competitor to Verizon and AT&T really soon. Sprint’s network could definitely use some help, but so could their plans and devices. Although, I’d rather see them go ahead and get better coverage and work on their LTE network than combining their prepaid brands and reviving the Nextel brand. Anyone else agree with me? I used to be a Sprint customer, back in the EVO 4G days, and I really did like Sprint as a company, but their network was just not that good in my area. And I’d love to see that change.

How many of you are excited for Sprint’s 2014?

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  • TiredofSprint

    Ugh, still a customer but the network seems to have gotten worse in some areas. The 4g they are rolling out in Phoenix is really nice but at the same time areas that only have 3g are getting worse. I do not know if this is because they are only working on 4g and letting 3g slide or what. But, I was really hoping they would get their act together, because if not I am finally leaving them for one of the other 2.

  • Jay

    First of all (I know this off subject) but Sprint NEEDS TO REALLY CHANGE TO COMMERCIALS THEY HAVE RUNNING NOW with James Earl Jones and that McDowell guy much respect to them both but who is going to watch those no wonder why their losing customers, Back to the matter at hand Sprint is trying to do too much focus on the network it still sucks getting better but still sucks Isn’t tat what those sorry commercials are about your network? I think their asking for another Nextel disaster if they buy T-mobile. Focus on the Vision Plan