Koush’s ROM Manager Is Back And Here To Stay

December 20, 2013 - Written By Justin Diaz

Yesterday we reported that ROM Manager, a handy tool and must have app for ROM flashers and ROOT users alike, was pulled from the Play Store by Google, due to not meeting the policy for in app billing. Koush, who is the developer of the app and also heads up the ClockworkMod and Cyanogemod teams, received an email on the matter regarding the reasons why his app was pulled in the first place, although it seems to have been more of a snafu than anything else, since the details of the regulations set by Google previously stated that Koush still had a fair amount of time (two weeks to be exact) to meet the policy changes before his app would be taken down.

It seems that the hasty action to remove ROM manager was corrected, as here we are no more than a day later and ROM manager is back in the Play Store for all who wish to download and install it. The exact reason for the app being pulled in the first place, is because Koush had in app billing running through ROM manager without having it run through Google Play, effectively sidestepping any chances for the payments to go through Google Wallet which is the way Google wants it done.2013-12-20 22.35.28For those of you who don’t know what ROM manager does, it’s a tool for root users that allows you to have easy and full control over management of your ROMS. You can access your custom ClockworkMod recovery from the app and update it, as well as manage your backup and restore options. You can make backups right from the app, and even download some custom ROMs for your device. Its pretty full featured to say the least, and we’re glad that its back as anyone who considers taking the plunge to ROOT and ROM should have this app. It comes free of charge, but you can also choose to support Koush and his team by paying for the premium version license key that allows you the ROM download capability and some other nice features. Koush seems to have had a bit of good fortune. What do you guys think about ROM manager being pulled in the first place? Do you consider this a must have app for ROM flashers? Let us know what you think in the comments on our G+ post.