Google Invites Play Music All Access Subscribers to Purchase Google Glass And Become Glass Explorers

December 31, 2013 - Written By Cory McNutt

How can you not love a company such as Google – talk about innovative, progressive, and exciting – oh sure, they have the usual complaints like all large companies…and Google is large, but for the most part they are not afraid to come up with new ideas and push them through until the end. Google Glass is one such device that has already made us “look” into the future at all of its possibilities to change the way mankind “views” the world.

Google, from the very beginning, knew that Glass was something special, but they were also smart enough to know not to rush this product to market – they needed to thoroughly test Glass, allow developers to create useful apps for the device, update it monthly with fixes and improvements, and then test it again.

When Glass was first introduced, there were a very limited number of “Glassholes” that were allowed to participate in the program, but Google has slowly extended that circle over time, and, according to our friends over at Android Central, the ability to join Glass has just grown tremendously – if you are a Google Play Music All Access subscriber, you now have the chance to purchase Google Glass (for $1500) and join the Glass Explorer Program and get in on the fun that I know our own Keith is loving. Google is sending out emails inviting you to participate. There still is the restriction of living in the U.S., or at least having a U.S. shipping address (there are always ways around those nasty restrictions).

Glass on All Music 2

It was just last month we discovered that Google Play Music could be sideloaded to Glass, but at the beginning of this month Google officially added it to the apps you could download and try with Glass, and according to Keith, it really rocks, although there have been complaints that it puts a drain on the battery.

Let us know on our Google+ Page if you are a Play Music All Access subscriber and if you will be taking advantage of this offer and joining the Glass Explorers – could be a nice way to spend some of that Christmas cash you may have just received. Let us also know if you are excited about Google Glass or if you think it is just a gimmicky device.