Completed Firefox 26 Browser for Android Ready for Download (Video)

December 10, 2013 - Written By Cory McNutt

Firefox 26 has finally exited beta and is available to download in the Play Store and we put in the link for you at the bottom of the article.  The home screen has a new look with easy access to your favorite pages or bookmarks (see the picture). They claim the startup time is faster, as well as page loads, and easy to use tabs allow you to browse multiple sites effortlessly.

Firefox offers full support for HTML5 and web APIs that are more diverse and powerful than the old Flash based support.  Sync your desktop history, bookmarks, and passwords to all of your devices – easy and pain-free.  You can also personalize its features and functionality with many add-ons and you can browse the web knowing that you have the latest malware and phishing protection.

It was reported last month that a couple manufacturers, Kobo and GIGABYTE, would be including the Firefox browser as their default browser – Kobo Arc tablets and the GIGABYTE GSmart Simba SX1 smartphone. Mozilla does a good job of constantly upgrading their browser with features and details that make it more enjoyable to use and each version gets tougher against malware attacks.

Firefox screenGoogle-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large1

Firefox added several new features of note:

Awesome Screen: Firefox’s Android browser keeps everything organized so you don’t have to. The Awesome Screen automatically sorts your favorite sites onto one, easy-to-read page

Awesome Bar: Firefox learns from you as you browse, so you never have to waste time looking for a website. Search your Top Sites, Bookmarks, and History, and Firefox will help you find the site that you are looking for—with little to no typing.

Mobile Video: Firefox’s Android browser is perfect for mobile video, and has mobile video support for a wide range of video formats including h.264.

Reader: Automatically transform cluttered articles and stories into beautiful, easy-to-read pages right in your browser.

Let us know in the comments or on Google+ what you think of the newest rendition of Mozilla’s Firefox browser for Android. What browser do you use now – do you like it, or will you give Firefox a test run? We would love to hear your opinion.