Clean Master for Android Updates to version 4.0

December 10, 2013 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Today, Clean Master is announcing a pretty large update for their popular Android app. This is now sitting at version 4.0. The update will be available tomorrow on the Play Store. So what’s new in this update? Well KS Mobile, the company behind Clean Master, says that the app is five times as effective as before. Which is pretty surprising, because it was already pretty effective, in fact I used it quite a bit to clear the cache on my phone and tablet. There’s also a new user interface design with color coding infographics and touch/swipe execution. There’s also increased manual control of cache deletion.

Clean Master is completely free on Google Play, and this update will be available tomorrow. Clean Master is currently the #1 downloaded free utility app. Which is now better than ever. In addition to this update, Clean Master did some research and has shared some of those numbers with us. In this survey they surveyed about 1,000 US adults. They found that the number one file American’s don’t want others to see on their smartphone is bank account information. Sounds about right, right? Coming in at a close second is email or texts written on their phone, followed by emails or texts received, websites visited, then porn coming last. Additionally, 8% of Americans said they would be embarrassed about friends of family seeing naked selfies on their smartphone.

So we’ve got a pretty big update coming for Clean Master tomorrow, which I’ll be sure to update the app on all my devices as I use it quite a bit. Especially since I have a 16GB Moto X and a 16GB Nexus 7, it’s good to be able to clear the cache quickly on those two devices. How many of you use Clean Master on your devices? Let us know what you think about the update tomorrow once it goes live in the comments below.