Chromecast, Chromebooks, And Kindle Fire Take The Top Spots In Amazon’s Sales For The Holidays

| December 26, 2013 | 4 Replies

If you needed even more proof of the Chromecasts popularity, how about being the ‘Top Selling’ product in Amazon’s Computers and Accessories category? Yep, the Chromecast even outsold all the versions of Amazon’s own Kindle Fire line, as well as other similar streaming devices like Roku 3 and Apple TV. That’s pretty impressive for Google and for the Chromecast itself, and because so many were sold during the holiday season, there are probably plenty of happy people right now who are getting to stream some of the their favorite media right from their Android devices to the big screen. Overall, alongside the Chromecast, Google’s Chromebooks and the Kindle Fire line of devices round out the trinity of top selling products on all of Amazon during the holidays. Count this as a major milestone for Amazon and Google, as Amazon usually never shares their sales results, and Google has a hand in all of the top selling products.

Cyber Monday alone might have been Amazon’s busiest day of the year, when they sold 426 items per second says the massive online retailer. That’s an astounding number. You wouldn’t think the Chromecast would top the list as the best selling item, but it really is a magnificent device and who could argue with a $35 price point? It most likely won’t come as a surprise to anyone that the tablets at the head of the seasons sales rankings were the 7 and 8.9 inch versions of the Kindle Fire HDX and the Kindle Fire, especially since the Kindle Fire line has been extremely popular for a while now.

Amazingly, Google’s own Chromebooks won in the Laptop category, and more specifically the Samsung and Acer Chromebooks, (with the Samsung model as the #1 laptop and the Acer model as the #3 laptop)which happen to be two of the least expensive models. The offering of a light and fast booting laptop at an extremely competitive price must have been too good to pass up for tons of customers this holiday season, and we wouldn’t blame them. So, who received any of these gifts this Christmas? Perhaps all three? Let us know in the comments what you think about the Chromecast being the top selling Computer and Accessories item this holiday season. You can check the full list of Amazon’s Top Selling items over at Business Wire if you’re interested.

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  • Jared

    Bought my Chromecast the week it came out in July. Bought a Samsung Chromebook last December, and received another Chromecast for Christmas! I love these Chrome products, they are truly amazing. My chromebook has been my primary computer for over a year now, and I don’t think I will ever go back.

  • andy

    Unisen iPazzPort Cast is a mini engine to turn your Home HD Screen become a All Media Sharing Center with full screen by Smart phone or tablet.

  • Rob

    I have 2 Chromecast dongles and a Chromebook 11. I love the Chromecast and the Chromebook is growing on me. It is nice to have a “computer” that doesn’t need a long time to boot.

  • Joe Smith

    How many Chromecasts have been sold so far?