Tank Battles To Land On Google Play Later Today

November 7, 2013 - Written By Justin Diaz

Gameloft has taken to the battlefield and aims to give gamers a bit of tank warfare with Tank Battles. Tank Battles has hit the app store on iOS and is supposed to be released later today onto the play store for anyone looking to blast other tanks into oblivion. If you haven’t been watching this game, Tank Battles sets its sights on gamers looking for a compelling solo campaign as well as exciting multiplayer battles. You can customize your tank to your liking, than its off to the battlefield arenas where your best bet to staying alive is grabbing all available power ups that you can to boost your attacks and attempt to best your opponents. There are more than 90,000 custom tank combinations from cannons, and armor, to treads, and camouflage. With so many different customization options, you’ll be hard pressed to find another tank that looks like yours.
cena_do_game_tank_battles_2Just when you thought all hope is lost, you can overcome the competition with one or more of 22 game changing power ups like mines, turrets and bombs. Use these to deal massive damage to your enemies and take over the battlefield before your enemies take over you. They will stop at nothing to blow your tank to pieces, and you’ll have to be on the top of your game if you’re going to be the strongest tank out there.Tank Battles 1In case you find the solo campaign a little stale or are just getting bored with replaying it over and over, you can team up with your friends to charge into battle or challenge them to epic warfare in an attempt to climb the weekly and general leaderboards. As it stands Gameloft has partnered with otterbox to offer prizes to those who can top the weekly leaderboards, but before you get all antsy to fine tune your tank battle skills, it may only be ios players that can receive these rewards. Lets see if Android gamers get the same treatment.


There is tons of fun on the battlefield here with over 80 solo missions and 10 different multiplayer maps to keep you engaged. Each level has a varied range of interactive level elements like destructible blocks, moving obstacles, conveyor belts, and closing doors, which should pose a fun and strategic challenge to those who play the game. Tank Battles will be free once it rolls onto the play store so if you’re eager to get your hands dirty and have some fun blowing stuff up, watch the play store as it is supposed to land today. Until than enjoy the trailer.http://youtu.be/jLs1p2pKS_c