Initial CyanogenMod 11 Code Now Available On Github

November 6, 2013 - Written By Brendan Lynch

With the introduction of Android 4.4 KitKat, we saw several new features designed to make our Android devices more efficient. While we aren’t exactly sure of which features will definitely be Nexus only, we are all anxious to join the fun. While most of us who do not own Nexus devices will be sitting and waiting for the update to roll out, CyanogenMod users won’t have to wait long at all.

Users typically look to the CyanogenMod team whenever a new version of Android is released in the hopes that they will provide a new experience on devices that otherwise would not receive the updates. Additionally, CyanogenMod provide a nice, near-stock experience for those who do not like some manufacturers’ third-party skins.

The CM team took to Google+ to announce that CyanogenMod 11 is being pushed to Github today, making the initial branches and code available to all. Keep in mind that this not an official or stable release. The team has simply posted the 4.4 version of the code. This means that there are some features that need work in order to function properly on Kitkat.

While we have absolutely no timeframe on when we will begin to see usable releases, we do know that the lockscreen, phone application, and the launcher will all need work in order to be compatible. This is because these applications saw drastic changes in Android 4.4, making the 4.3 versions obsolete.

The initial code push took the bulk of the day to complete, but now, the entire package is available, including the manifest. While this news may not mean much to those who are not developers, it is significant in that it shows how quickly the CyanogenMod team has begun work on KitKat. The first nightlies should be available soon, and when they are, it will be interesting to see the team’s take on Google’s new OS.