Galaxy Nexus Owners Send Sundar Pichai 14,000 Signatures Asking for Android 4.4 KitKat

| November 5, 2013 | 6 Replies

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Last week was a pretty busy week in Android, we had the Nexus 5 launch for just $349 from the Play Store, Android 4.4 KitKat hit the scene and a whole bunch of other stuff. However, there was one piece of news that not only shocked most of us but, didn’t quite make sense. The Galaxy Nexus, Samsung’s Nexus from 2011 will not be getting an official update to Android 4.4. That news is a little bizarre considering the track record Nexus devices have had in the past of bringing the latest Android updates before anything else and for much longer. However, the Galaxy Nexus is being put to bed a little early for some users’ tastes.

Part of Google’s reasoning is that the Galaxy Nexus falls out of their promised 18-month support window, which we’d be happy with if we were talking about a major Android release here but, KitKat is more about refining than it is about changing things. Besides, Android 4.3 runs on the device very well, so why not Android 4.4? Another reason is that Texas Instruments, the company behind the chip, has ceased to actively develop smartphone chips. As such, getting hold of all the necessary drivers and support might be a little tricky, still we’re pretty sure Google could have done it.

The community have stepped in, as they often do in these cases, and there are ROMs out there for the Galaxy Nexus with Android 4.4. These ROMs seem to work well but, there are a few graphical glitches that have yet to be ironed out. They might well be ironed out in the future but, we’re sure these will be more like “hacks” than straight fixes. No matter what though, there’s no question the Galaxy Nexus is capable of running Android 4.4, especially if it’s designed to run on lower-end devices.

Disgruntled Galaxy Nexus user Max Duckwitz, kicked off a petition to ask Google to change their minds. Since the petition started, there are now over 14,000 signatures and 3,400 comments that Mr Duckwitz has printed off and has sent to Mr Pichai in the post. What you’re seeing below is 1.3 KG of signatures and comments that should arrive at Sundar’s desk within in the next three weeks.


We’re sure Google have their reasons for not updating the Galaxy Nexus to Android 4.4 but realistically, this isn’t a Nexus One situation, the hardware is certainly good enough to run Android 4.4. Even more information on why such an update would be nice to see from Google but, overall what Galaxy Nexus users are looking for is an update to Android 4.4 and we can’t blame them.

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  • Allen

    This is ridiculous. I’m a Galaxy Nexus owner and I knew the minute KitKat was announced that it wouldn’t be getting it. Last year the Nexus S got dropped at 4.2 so why should the GNex be any different? Nexus 5s are cheap, go buy one.

  • James Allen

    Damn, Galaxy owner here. Never heard about this petition, wish I could have had the chance to sign it.

  • Chuck Carroll

    The reason why they’re not updating it is because the processor in the Galaxy Nexus is manufactured by Texas Instruments. TI is no longer making processors and therefore no longer supporting the Galaxy Nexus.

  • rhY

    It’s amazing the lengths Google apologists will go to to excuse this kind of anti-customer behavior. It’s possible. It would be easy. It would be a great example to set for the rest of the Android Phone Companies. It would be good for existing clients, and in particular google fans who tend to buy nexuses. This is just a dick move on google’s part. There’s no excuse. These excuses above are just that: excuses. And they aren’t valid at all. Google should update the code period. But they are in the same business as Samsung, Verizon, et al: They just want you to buy the new one. That’s why they’re not updating the gnex, even though it CLEARLY has the hardware to handle 4.4 just fine. I for one will not be buying ANY nexuses in the future. This is inexcusable, and I’ll continue to buy older devices used that have better 3rd party support (cyanogenmod, kang, etc..). Also: I’m not using google play services anymore either. I’m using f-droid and open source apps. Screw google, and all these evil monopolies globally who are doing their best to control everyone for profit. It’s disgusting, and it must end!

  • Grimfur

    Being a Gnex owner on VZW, i’d be psyched just to get 4.3. lol.

    god i hate vzw so much.

  • Te3k

    Yeah, you clearly missed the bit about TI exiting the market. Since they manufactured the chip and are no longer supporting it, Google’s hung and dry. Google would have to petition TI to release code, and build a team to update TI’s code (which apparently involves building boards and so forth)—and TI might not even be legally allowed to release code, given that they might have licensed a bunch of it from other companies (few projects are built from the ground up in-house). So while I feel your frustration, I don’t empathise with your conclusion because you seemed to have jumped there without due consideration of the state of affairs.