Sprint Galaxy Note 3 Reporting Serious Call Quality Issues and Dropped Calls

| October 9, 2013 | 18 Replies

Note 3 F&B

If you are an owner of the Sprint Galaxy Note 3 and are you noticing serious call quality issues or dropped calls? If so, you are not alone.

Sprint’s own customer service forums have been flooded with complaints from new Note 3 customers in reference to “popping”, “cracking” and general call drops. We can confirm that this is only happening with the Note 3 and not other Sprint phones and that it is not isolated to a specific region of the country.  The reports started coming in a few days ago.

Although this flaw makes the phone unusable … at least as a phone, it does not seem to be hardware related as VoIP calls over WiFi are clear. This would mean that a fix is likely to come from an OTA Upgrade rather than a hardware replacement. Unfortunately until a fix comes, you can forget making phone calls on your monstrous phone.


Users experiencing this issue have tested with headsets, bluetooth headsets and their speakerphone, all of which run into the same problem. The issue seems to be impacting both colors of the phone and still persists after a factory reset. Some users in Sprint’s forums are mentioning a possible recall however this has yet to be confirmed by Sprint or Samsung.

What is interesting is the problem appears to have been introduced shortly after launch as early Sprint review devices did not initially have this problem prior to the official launch.

Aside from a software flaw, it is also possible that the issue may exist on Sprint’s network, which is not known to be the most stable at this moment. There are some doubts to this theory as the issue would likely impact other phones if the issue is network facing.

Sprint is currently investigating the matter but In the mean time, outraged customers are threatening to return their phones for other models or even leaving the struggling carrier. Sprint will likely need to perform some serious damage control.


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  • Michaelangelo

    Yes I am having this issue of horrible loud chirps, digitized distorted voice calls. Asking my clients to repeat most sentences when their voice becomes more like the sounds generated from Obi Wan Kenobi. Hoping for a quick solution, as a Phone it doesn’t function.

    • LTechie

      I agree.
      Just wanted to state, I’m on verizon and I’m having this issue. I’m on my second unit. which I received yesterday. I will be going back today.

      • nachtmuzic

        i’m also on verizon and the same problem. it’s Samsung, guys, not Sprint.

        • Bible Way Temple Nation

          I’m on T-Mobile and I’m having the same problem!!!

  • Kid

    I returned my 3rd note 3 in less then 4 days!! Every time I exchanged it they tell mebim the only one with a problem!!! Haaa bold face liers!!! Just to try and stick a shity phone on me!! Sorry back on my iphone 5! #tiny#quality#justworks

    • Peeling


  • Jason Byrnes

    I had bad call quality on the Note 2 at times. I think sprints signal is just weak and they can’t balance the LTE deployment correctly with the current usage of the 3G networks. I haven’t noticed anything crazy though.

  • Jason Byrnes

    I am not having the same problems as these guys though. I guess I got lucky or maybe its in certain areas that are worse than others. I am in Pittsburgh.

  • Big Henry

    Not just a Sprint issue. I have T-Mobile and purchased my Note 3 on the 5th of October. I have three issues. First, 75% of my incoming callers state the cannot recognize my voice. I’ve had everything from sounding like Charlie Brown, Female Chipmunk, Fly in a jar, Gibberish, etc. Upon my returning each call, all calls are then clear. I have all my calls going through my device vs. Wifi. Btw, T-Mobile stated I was to call about this phone quality problem. I pointed out this specific article. Now they’re working on it. They cleared my “Wide Cache Removal” & “Reset” but to no avail.

    The second issue is the phone freezing and also restarting. It has done this at least a half a dozen times since the purchase. Not sure what is going on but the touchscreen is inoperable at the time of freezing. All functions are unresponsive and 50% of the time it will restart itself.

    The third issue, is my device cannot catch my Wifi signal consistently. I have Fiber Optics w/GVTC @ 20mbs. The signal is consistent, but the device will not latch onto signal. So watching videos is a chore. Buffering or freezing. Also issues when using 4g. Not sure what is going on with this device but I am very disappointed. I hope Samsung gets on the ball with this Note 3.

    I gave my perfect working Note 2 to my wife, so the chances of me getting that one back is slim to none.

  • Joichi

    I am afflicted with the snapping, popping, modulated, distortion madness as well. I am on the Sprint network and also on phone #2…same problem. It is sooooo frustrating because apart from the voice call problem…this is by far the best phone I have ever owned. Unfortunately since I use it for business, the call quality problem makes the phone unusable.

  • gerardo

    having the same issue i am on my third phone and is recurring in all three . Just giving Sprint some time to address this issue because besides this i love the phone

  • commancheninja

    So many Note 3 users are finding the actual phone to be unusable. There are cracking, distorting sounds when making phone calls. This was cited on some other Android websites so the issue is real.

    Sprint acknowledged the issue on their own website forum. A “product ambassador” posted that Sprint and Samsung were aware of the problem and looking to solve it. Many people including myself asked if they could extend the return period since Sprint hasn’t issued a statement on whether or not a software update will fix this issue. Sprint has not responded.

    I checked Sprint’s forum today and lo and behold the thread started by their OWN ambassador is now gone.

    I feel that this is their way of hoping it quietly goes away.

    In any case I kept a history of it because worst case scenario I will file a claim with my credit card company.
    The credit card company will then fight the charges with Sprint. This is way better than me trying to get anything done with them.

    Considering the charges for the two phones w/o activation fees were over $800, I’m sure my credit card company won’t let it go without a fight.

    Here is the link to prove that Sprint did indeed have a page up.


  • Someone

    Is it normal when you want to capture picture under low light there are flicking lines appear?? I’m Galaxy note 3 user..

  • allen

    not just sprint issue also occurring with Verizon

  • MrDivaNYC

    Hey everybody.. Issues still occur.. New Tmo user here and my device freezes n locks up a lot. The touchscreen becomes useless.. Can’t wait for an update.. Love my GN3!

  • alfink

    Hi guys..Im from indonesia, i also got data issue with my galaxy note 3..The signal receptor is really bad since i only got EDGE not HSDPA or 3G (my htc desire is always HSDPA w the same data provider), and when my gadget got warmer after gaming it often loss signal n need restart to get signal back..im looking a solution n i hope its a matter of firmware not the hardware

  • wn

    dropped calls and call quality is horrible on sprint unless you turn off the 4g Lte FEATURE and use only 3g cdma, def a samsung issue. also getting the keypad tones playing on the line while on a call when no one is touching any keypads….what a terrible experience, I feel like i’m back in the s2 piece of junk….

  • Veronica Lodge

    I just received the SG3 tablet for my daughter for her Christmas present. From what I understand, it has its own phone number & it should be capable of making calls, similar to a regular smartphone. I usually know what I’m doing when it comes to technology & smartphones, but this time, I’m coming up short. I’m not talking about using Google Voice/Hangouts to make calls. They told me it has a phone number & I assumed they were saying I could call just like my regular cell phone. I ordered the 2gb data plan & it seems like there was also a charge for so many calling minutes. Can you please help me out here? I’m looking across Sprint & Google, but can’t seem to find what I’m looking for. Thanks!