RCA Combines 7-Inch Android Tablet With a Boom Box For $180?

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I cannot remember the last time that we mentioned RCA in an article, but they have hit the news today via a tipster over at Android Police. They are releasing a product they call the Internet Music System (model RCS13101E) that streams media into a set of speakers that look like a Boombox or compact music system, as well as being able to stream video into your TV via an HDMI connection…pretty cool stuff, and if their tipster is correct, all of this can be yours for only $180! A real bargain when you consider the fact that a 7-inch Android powered tablet is included in the price! You should start seeing it pop up in Wal-Mart stores soon.


Considering what this device is capable of doing, I am a little surprised by the naming – Internet Music System – when it can do so much more than simply stream music. It looks like a retro boombox with a touchscreen built-in, but upon closer inspection, that touchscreen is actually a 7-inch Android powered dual-core tablet with apps that are available for download from the Play Store, such as Google Music All Play Access, RedBox, Netflix, YouTube, and Pandora. The tablet is the control center and it allows you to stream audio to the attached speakers via Bluetooth or an HD Video to your big screen TV via an HDMI connection, and to make it a “complete” boombox experience, RCA includes both an FM radio and a CD player as a bonus.

RCA IMS small

No specifications are available on the system other that a dual-core processor, but don’t expect to buy this to replace a Nexus 7.  We can get a sense of its size because of the 7-inch tablet, and looking through the speaker cloth it would appear to have two speakers and a bass port at the bottom, again, probably not Bose or Klipsch quality.  Wal-Marts are stocking up for the holiday season and if the $180 price is for real, it could be make a great Christmas gift for someone that has a room with no stereo, or just to sit out on the porch to relax or party.  When we get the exact specs and price we will shoot them your way.  Check out the video below:

YouTube Preview Image

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  • zachary collins

    Nice, looking forward to purchasing 2 before xmas!!!!

  • umbrarchist

    The tablet can’t be too good. What is the resolution. But it does address the weakness of most tablets. Crappy sound. LOL

  • Abdulkhaleel Mohammed

    Where is specification? is it in the box or a separate booklet? If i want to know full details of this gadget before i buy where can i get?


  • http://dragnucs.com/ Dragnucs

    They understood everything in file.