PSA: Google Play Experiencing Issues with Installing and Updating Apps

| October 2, 2013 | 6 Replies

2013-10-02 18.05.48

Looks like Google Play is having some issues this afternoon. We are getting reports in from many readers that are unable to install or update their apps through Google Play. They get an error similar to the one above. We’re not sure if it’s worldwide or if its just in the US. We do know that it appears to be happening to everyone we asked. I’ve tried it on many of the devices I have here and I’m getting the same error on each device. Those devices include the Moto X (Sprint), DROID Ultra (Verizon), Nexus 7 (WiFi), Nexus 4 (T-Mobile) and the LG G2 (AT&T). So it’s not just a network or carrier or device problem either.

I’m sure Google is working on the problem and should have it resolved very shortly. At least we hope so, especially since the Gmail update from last week has just hit the rest of my devices today. I really want to play around with the new card UI.

Additionally, it looks like the Google Play website is also struggling to update and install apps on our devices. Too bad a force close or clear data won’t fix this so we could be on our way. We’ll be sure to update this once we learn more from Google. Hopefully this error won’t last too long, as I’m sure many people are picking up their Galaxy Note 3 today from T-Mobile and are looking to install new apps on their brand new phone.

Are any of you having issues? Let us know in the comments the device and your location (country is fine) so we can see if this is a worldwide issue or not.

Update: In the past you’ve been able to remove and readd your Google accounts to fix this error. Not sure if that will work this time or not. But it’s worth a try.

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  • guest

    Samsung Galaxy S2 – CM 10.1 – France
    same issue!

    • guest

      google play back to work. :-) in France (at least for me)

  • Phil Knudson

    Issue here on Galaxy Note 2 – Canada.

  • torie

    Same I have a sony z and live in the UK

  • William Garcia

    Im having the same issue.. Xperia sola, Nicaragua

  • wo1b

    We purchased two of the Android Tablet PC(s) for Christmas gifts. We can purchase and download movies but are required to install the Google Movies and TV app to watch these movies. The Google Movies and TV app cannot contact the server. Something is wrong with the app. – Very disappointing that Google would release something like this. Its time to return these Androids. They don’t work.