LG’s First Smartphone With Flexible Display, the LG Z to Launch Later This Month?

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2013 has been a pretty big year for technology, we’ve seen wearable computing come on leaps and bounds and both Samsung and LG have been teasing us with the prospect of flexible displays. That foldable smartphone you’re still looking for isn’t going to come along any time soon, you can’t bend circuitboards just yet, after all. However, according to ZDNet Korea LG might be launching a smartphone with a curved display as soon as later this month.

With the name LG Z, the device is described by the Korean website as looking something like the above image. Such a device would make LG the first manufacturer to release a smartphone with a flexible display, beating Samsung. Apparently, LG is thinking that the curved display makes watching movies and videos a more comfortable experience and of course, when taking a phone call the curve will feel more natural on one’s face.

Overall though, there’s not much to go on here aside from a rumored name and a rumored release window. It seems that LG is to rush this device to market to beat out Samsung and also generate some serious Holiday Season buzz. However, this doesn’t quite add up to us, why release such a device so close to your flagship G2? Perhaps there will be such a large price gulf between the two that LG think there’ll be enough distance between the two.

LG Officials declined to comment, surprisingly, but ZDNet is thinking that the Z will be the third member in a trio of high-end device lines for LG. With the G2, the Vu 3 and now the LG Z. Whether or not a curved smartphone is to come from LG or not remains to be seen and we suppose we’ll find out more later this month. Having said that, in this culture of leaks that turn to oceans, we should have heard something about the LG Z before now. What do you guys think?

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  • youdug

    Is there anyone on here whos looking to buy something like this?
    What is the point of it being curved like this?
    What advantage does it offer?

  • topherp

    Now, is it just curved, or really flexible? Make up your mind please.

  • Allan Regencia

    How cool it is.

  • Josh

    I would like this if it was bendable, however if it’s rigid I don’t see the point.

    • jacob

      flexible screen = screen broken less often

  • JimboLodisC

    A curved phone to go with the curved HDTV that I’m not buying!

    That pic is throwing me off, I’m thinking the radius of the curve will be quite a bit longer than what’s shown above.