Leaked HTC One Max Logs Show That Users Will Be Able To Launch Apps With Any Fingertip

October 10, 2013 - Written By Jeremiah Nelson

In case you had not heard, the upcoming HTC One Max is supposed to arrive with a touch fingerprint scanner. Unlike Apple’s newest iPhone, the HTC fingerprint scanner will be on the back of the phone, not the front. We don’t know exactly how HTC wants users to put the fingerprint scanner to use, but we’re starting to get a good idea thanks to some information coming from Weibo. Earlier today we saw some leaked iconography that appeared to be from the One Max, and now we’re getting some more information from the same source.

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It looks like users will be able to launch apps with the fingerprint scanner, using a quick-start function that only requires the tip of your finger. Apparently you can capture each of your fingers with the scanner, then set each fingerprint to launch a different app when it’s scanned. The images from earlier today suggested that users could put their index finger and thumb to use with the fingerprint scanner, but these images make it seem like you will be able to use any of your fingers. That’s up to ten different apps that could be launched just by swiping the tip of a finger across the scanner on the back of the phone.
The icons that leaked earlier today confirmed the position of the fingerprint scanner on the device. It will be located on the back, just under the UltraPixel camera. This information also lines up with earlier leaked photos of the back of the device. All of this adds up to some promising rumors that will more than likely pan out. Weibo also leaked a few more screen shots from Sense 5.5, so we can add these to the others that have leaked already.

The HTC One Max should be officially announced next week. HTC sent out press event invitations for the 16th and 18th of October. One event will be held in Taiwan and the other in Hong Kong. This is HTCs first phablet sized device. We’re excited about it and we’ll keep you updated as the announcement gets closer.