Despite Activating Over 927k Postpaid Devices in Q3, Verizon Fell Below Analysts Expectations – Could Be Due to T-Mobile’s Uncarrier Revolution

October 18, 2013 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Just yesterday we reported on Verizon’s Q3 earnings numbers. They were pretty impressive, but they also weren’t any different from any other quarter from Big Red. Verizon Wireless always seems to put together some big numbers, even though I hear constantly from readers how Verizon is evil, I’m leaving once my contract is up, etc. Verizon activated over 927,000 devices, which is just below the predicted 940,000 by analysts. Now before we dig to far into this, remember that analysts are just that, analysts. They try to predict the future, but they are generally wrong. Like when they said the Galaxy S4 isn’t selling well. Yeah, I see the Galaxy S4 everywhere, but it’s selling well.

Fierce Wireless has a new report up that states that some analysts think T-Mobile is to blame for Verizon’s small slide. In Q2 2013, Verizon had 941,000 postpaid customers, in Q3 2013, Verizon had 1.5 million postpaid accounts gained in the quarter. While T-Mobile has been gaining each quarter since they replaced their CEO, they haven’t yet released their Q3 numbers, but in Q2 they added 1.1 million customers.

Right now, T-Mobile could be the reason. With all the shake ups they are throwing at the wireless industry. But you can’t count out AT&T and Sprint. AT&T is rapidly catching up to Verizon with their network reliability and coverage. In fact, in some areas I’m getting a better signal from AT&T than Verizon. Not to mention Sprint which is getting a ton of cash pumped into their company thanks to Softbank purchasing a 70% stake in the company. We haven’t yet seen much from the Softbank/Sprint venture, but I’m sure we will soon. At least I hope we will.

While the other carriers aren’t exactly going to war with Verizon, they are making an impact. T-Mobile started this, this year with getting rid of contracts, then adding JUMP. If it weren’t for T-Mobile, I doubt we’d see Verizon’s EDGE, AT&T’s Next, or Sprint’s One Up early upgrade programs. And just a few weeks ago, T-Mobile announced unlimited 2G in over 100 countries. Which is huge. It really is. If you don’t believe me, go and check out some of the other carriers international roaming rates and see for yourself.