Android Gamer Weekly 10/04/13-Plants VS. Zombies 2, Pocket Trains, Curse Of The Assassin, Shadowrun Returns, Kingdom Rush Frontiers

October 4, 2013 - Written By Justin Diaz

Plants Vs Zombies 2 Lands Down Under; Soon To Be WorldWide?
If you’re a plants vs Zombies fan, and I’m sure a lot of you out there are, than you’re probably waiting as close to patiently as humanly possible for the sequel to land on the play store globally. At first Plants VS Zombies 2 released onto Android regionally, only in China and now Australia and New Zealand. Thanks to the folks over at Ausdroid for this information, as it give us fans on the other side of the globe some insight as to when we can expect the game over here. EA says that the worldwide release will happen shortly, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. We’ll keep you posted as we know more about the games impending launch and when it hits we’ll be sure to notify all you PVZ fanatics.

Nimblebits Locomotive Themed Android Game Pocket Trains Pulls Into Google Play StationNimble-Quest-Android-Game
Do you love trains? Ever wanted to be a conductor when you were growing up? Perhaps you never got the chance or maybe you just made some bad life choices that led to an eventual certainty that you would never get behind the engine of a train. Rest your weary head would be conductor. Nimblebits aims to give you the next best things with its new game Pocket Trains.train Build and grow your train empire so you can be the best freight company around. Transport goods and passengers, earn more money, buy more trains and parts to build new trains, and complete more freight and passenger train related tasks to earn even more profit and help your company grow even bigger. If you enjoy the play style of a SIM game and have been looking for one like this manage trains and such, give Pocket Trains a try and see if its what you were looking for. Its free and available in the Play Store now for all.

Tin Man Games Celebrates Their 5th Anniversary With The Release Of Curse Of The Assassinga8Slide
Tin Man Games wants to celebrate with us all. How you ask? With the release of a brand new game. I was hoping for something more along the lines of pizza party with an open bar but this will have to suffice i suppose. Hey we can dream right? The newest game in a fairly long lineup of interactive storybook driven RPG titles from the developer is called Curse of the Assassin and is the official sequel to An Assassin In Orlandes.ass This picks up where the last game left off, offering new and exciting adventures that will lead to a climactic end? to this intriguing Gamebook series. If you love choose your own adventure style games or books, or fantasy RPG’s then you definitely would want to at least take a look. The game is available for $2.99, and if you haven’t played the first game than you can pick that one up for $5.99. So both will set you back a total of $9 which I’d say is a right fair price for what you get.

Shadowrun Returns Hits Finally Hits Androidshadowrun_returns_logo
This ones for all the turn based-rpg fans out there. Maybe you’ve already heard of Shadowrun returns and perhaps you’ve even already picked up and played through the Steam version like I have. Having this game on the go though is extremely tempting as I enjoyed every bit of it and would love to play it some more.shadow4 Its just, these days I tend to have more time to play a game I can take with me when I need to leave. Shadowrun Returns is featured as our Android Game Of The Week so if you want to more about it just head on over to the main page and read up on all the cyberpunky goodness it has to offer.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers Comes To Androidkingdom-rush-frontier-android-game
The sequel to the popular Tower Defense game from developers Ironhide Studios, Kingdom Rush Frontiers launched onto Android last month on the 26th and if you were a fan of the original than today is your lucky day. Adding to the already fantastic gameplay of the first Kingdom Rush, Frontiers gives you new worlds to explore and defend, new defense weaponry and tower upgrades to help smash and obliterate your foes including an earthquake machine!, over 18 tower abilities and over uniquely skilled enemies to destroy with those abilities. kingKingdom Rush Frontiers has much more to offer than just that though. Over 70 achievements are available through hours of intense Tower Defense gameplay and three distinct game and difficulty modes. If you want to give the new Kingdom Rush a try, its available on the play store for just $2.99.