Activision Drops Call Of Duty:Strike Team On Android Gamers For $6.99

October 25, 2013 - Written By Justin Diaz

Just when you thought the only Call of Duty news to hit gamers this holiday season was going to be the upcoming CoD:Ghosts for consoles and PC, Activision drops a bomb with the Android version of Call of Duty: Strike Team today. For $6.99 you get a full campaign mode with first and third person (top down) tactical gameplay with an all new story in the call of duty universe as well as a gripping survival mode that will test your skills as a gamer. ST
Outlast the enemy through wave after wave of attacks of increasing difficulty and see if you can top the online leaderboards. Fans of Call of Duty and other recently released similar games like ARMA Tactics and Breach and Clear will love Call of Duty Strike Team. It has lots to offer any gamer who enjoys shooters and strategy. You can switch between first and third person views at almost any time in the game which adds a strategic element that should prove quite interesting in allowing you to play the way you like. ST2
If you don’t mind letting go of $6 bucks and have the space to spare on your device(CoD:Strike Team is almost 2GB in size), hit the link to jump to google play and grab Strike Team for some tactical fps action. This should be right up the alley for those wanting something new and fresh to hold them over till the new CoD comes out next month.