Featured: Top 10 Best Custom Android ROMs – Fall 2013 Edition

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Top 10 best custom android roms

There are so many custom ROMs out there. When I say “many” I mean literally thousands of them. So periodically we do a top 10 of the best custom ROMs out there. Some of them are available for many devices, while others might be just for a few different devices. For those that have a 2-year contract, or if you’re in Canada a 3-year contract, you probably flash a lot of custom ROMs since manufacturers and carriers stop updating devices after a few months. So here’s our top 10 custom ROMs for the fall of 2013. Enjoy.

10. XenonHD


Xenon HD is a unique ROM which is available for most Nexus devices. It uses cherry picks from AOSP, CyanogenMod, AOKP, Carbon, and even Paranoid Android. It includes many Xenon wallpapers, a ROM settings menu, custom toggles, custom camera options and much more.

Nexus 4 XDA thread

9. CleanROM


CleanROM is just what it says, a clean ROM. Takes out all the bloat, and extra code that is unnecessary. It works on the new Nexus 7, HTC One, Galaxy S4, Galaxy note 2, Galaxy S3, HTC One X and plenty other devices. Some of the features include the Aroma installer, deodexed, init.d support, performance and stability improvements and more.

Nexus 7 2013 XDA Thread

8. Slim Bean


SlimBean is exactly what you’d think it is. A slimmer version of AOSP. Although it does have a dark version of many apps, which a lot of people love. The ROM is typically about half the size of AOSP, making it boot faster, take up less space and just have better performance over all. Slim Bean is available for a ton of devices. Which you can find at their website.

Slimbean’s website

7. Pacman


PAC Man is a pretty cool ROM. It brings together some of the greatest features from the top 3 ROMs, AOKP, CyanogenMod and Paranoid Android. So you’ve got features like Pie, unicorns and even CyanogenMod’s account. PAC-man ROM is available for a slew of devices as well.

PAC-man ROM’s website

6. Rootbox


Rootbox is an AOSP-based custom ROM that also uses a lot of cherry picks from CyanogenMod and even AOKP. It’s a relatively popular ROM that is available for most Nexus devices and Samsung devices. You’ll want to check out their site to be sure. The last time I used Rootbox, it was a really nice experience.

Rootbox Google+ Community

5. Carbon


Carbon ROM is another one that uses a lot of features from CyanogenMod. It has customizable toggles, and customizable on-screen buttons, if you have a device that uses on-screen buttons. Along with lockscreen shortcuts, and much more. You can find more information form their Google+ page.

CarbonROM on Google+

4. EuroSkank


EuroSkank is a pretty popular kang of CyanogenMod. Meaning it has all the same features as CyanogenMod, with a few extras tossed in there. Euroskank does do AOKP Kangs as well. You’ll find that they support a ton of devices and do nightlies, so you can live on the bleeding edge.

Euroskank’s website



AOKP is one of my favorite ROMs, I just wish they’d work on Android 4.3 already! If you love unicorns, and the ability to change the color of your softkeys, than AOKP is the one for you. AOKP is heavily based on AOSP, but does have a few of their own features mixed in. One of my favorites is the ability to change the color of the softkeys on devices that sport them.

AOKP’s website

2. Paranoid Android


Paranoid Android is undoubtedly the best ROM out there. But it’s #2 because of the amount of devices it supports. Paranoid Android has a few features that are what we call “revolutionary” or “innovative” like per app colors, halo and Pie. Currently, Paranoid Android is only officially available for Nexus devices and the OPPO Find 5.

Paranoid Android’s website

1. CyanogenMod


CyanogenMod is mainly #1 in our list because they support almost every device imaginable. Almost 300 unique devices are supported by CyanogenMod. They’ve been around forever as well. They’ve incorporated some nice features into their ROM lately like the CyanogenMod account, which backs up all your information, along with some tweaks to other apps and services inside Android. For the most part, it’s a stock Android experience.

CyanogenMod’s website

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  • Steve R

    Slimbean deserves to be much higher on your list.

    • denvorte

      I don’t think so nothing special on that rom, plus their download website Oh my god! All crowded. Its hard to find your model latest version.

      • Steve R

        Yeah, click on downloads/stable or weekly/your model(with picture). Newest version at the top of the list. Wow that was hard.

        • denvorte

          that rom has nothing special. Like I said their downloads not user friendly. Slimbean pffff slimheadache must be that rom name. ^^

          • Prancz Ádám

            Slimbean is extreamly good for me on my S2. My only one problem with that is not available on my Note 10.1:-(
            It is fast and very easy to use. I have tried many other roms and it is the best for me but we are different.

      • Adnan Che

        Very easy to find :)

  • http://www.thedroideffect.com/ Damir Franc

    The list is totally wrong

    • Adnan Che

      Please post your list :)

  • Nathan Phillips

    Pretty good list. PA deserves top spot, since CM isn’t “officially” offered on nearly every device either…It utilizes maintainers just like PA to cover tons more.

  • http://rootzwiki.com/news Max M.

    “Best” like we all have the same phone.

    Having these “top 10″ lists is useless not only because most people can’t run these ROMs, but because these ROMs all run differently on different phones.

    This is linkbait, through and through.

  • Alex Ohannes

    I think someone needs to look up the definition of a sentence. ;)

  • sean

    carbon ROM is no 1 followed by paranoid android then C’mod

  • Themsubtle

    Odyssey rom is worth looking into, it’s smooth, based on slimbean and is great on battery life! You can find it on xda.

  • https://plus.google.com/u/0/109020499010364356572/ Nitish Saxena

    Kind of odd to see Slim Bean so down on the list. Even the ROMs above Slim Bean would say the same, lol. :)

    More importantly, what does “download website Oh my god! All crowded. Its hard to find your model latest version.” have anything to do with the ROM quality? o.O

  • http://techxe.com/ iKRAM Abid

    using cyanogen since two years and now switched to paranoid. it is better than CM.

    • Carsen

      I think CyanogenMod is the top because most people would consider it standard and it runs on many more devices than PA or AOKP.

    • http://www.androidheadlines.com/ Alexander Maxham

      As Carsen said, CM is at the top because it does support so many ROMs and keeps an almost stock experience. Not to mention it’s much more stable.

  • Rohan J Singh

    rasbeanjelly ??? its the fastest rom for nexus devices ..

  • Jordan VanCampen

    This is a nice list. So many good ROM’s to choose from these days. I pretty much agree with the order of the top 3 as well. Mad props to the CM team. Those guys are awesome.

  • Rikk

    You Guys are missing one of the best…. Jelly ‘Beans’

  • Arliss

    Good article, except you forgot the best one. HYPERDRIVE!

  • http://www.androidrootz.com/ Anuj Patel

    Solid top 10 list, awesome taste!

  • Justin Brown

    What about Liquid Rom?

  • Curious Fin

    Where is MIUI?