T-Mobile on the Heels of a Hot August, Hoping to Make Verizon and AT&T Scared

| September 12, 2013 | 2 Replies

0725_Tmobile_t607T-Mobile has turned into the carrier we all want Verizon, AT&T and Sprint to be. It’s a company that’s literally undercutting the competition at every turn. Not to mention calling each one out. By they way, if you’re not following T-Mobile’s CEO, John Legere on Twitter, you’ve gotta do it. Lot’s of great stuff there! T-Mobile has been using a new strategy which they’ve coined the UNcarrier. Why? Simply because they are doing everything a carrier doesn’t do.

On Thursday, T-Mobile’s CMO Mike Sievert had an interview with CNET where he discussed the company adding a company-record number of subscribers in August. This is after T-Mobile added a record number of customers in Q2 of this year. Things are definitely looking up for T-Mobile.

T-Mobile has been struggling for quite a while as the nation’s fourth largest carrier. It seems like now they are beginning to make some big moves. I wouldn’t be surprised if they leap frogged Sprint by the end of 2013. T-Mobile has been on the ultimate war path since ditching contracts earlier this year, and offering unlimited everything for just $70 per month. However, they were a bit behind in rolling out LTE. They are now rolling it out at a blistering pace. Already covering over 160 million Americans. And they only started building out their LTE network this year. That’s unheard of.

So what’s next for T-Mobile? Coverage. Yes, it’s the biggest complaint I hear from people on other carriers. T-Mobile’s coverage isn’t the best, I’ll admit that. However, if it works great in you area, then you should consider switching to Magenta, I’m sure you’ll save some cash. I heard from a little birdie that the next phase of the UNcarrier, coming this fall, is all about coverage. Basically they are going to be building out their coverage faster than you can blink. Remember this is a rumor, but I have heard it from multiple sources. So be on the lookout for UNcarrier Phase 3.

How many of you are excited to see what T-Mobile has planned for the rest of 2013 and beyond? I know I certainly am.

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  • Jason

    Nice. I have been a TMobile customer for about half a year, and love them so far. Great coverage, great price, great phone..what’s not to love?

  • nearvanaman

    I moved to T-Mo from ATT and coverage is certainly my major complaint. I often drop to Edge or no service at all if I’m in Target or in my office. I’m literally 30 feet from a big window and it all goes to hell. If they are working on their coverage then I hope they find a way of penetrating buildings better than they currently do. I’d prefer to always have a few bars of 4G than a mixture of full-on LTE (that I’ll rarely take advantage of) and no service at all.