SPIGEN Cases for Nexus 5 Listed on Amazon Hint at October Release Date

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Google’s Nexus 5 isn’t exactly the best kept secret in the industry.  While we don’t know the official name yet, the 2013 followup to Google’s widely successful Nexus 4 is likely to be produced by LG, and it’s likely based on the G2’s spec list.  Like many things about the Nexus 5 though, this is just speculation and while we can speculate pretty accurately based on industry trends and previous Nexus devices, we ultimately have to wait for Google’s official announcement to confirm anything for sure.  This latest speculation comes from accessory manufacturer SPIGEN, who has apparently outed the Nexus 5 as Google’s next phone.  If SPIGEN sounds familiar that’s because they outed the Galaxy Note 3’s announcement a week ahead of time, and were dead on accurate with the date too.  While that wasn’t a surprise date given all the speculation surrounding the Note 3, it gives us a good idea of just how accurate SPIGEN’s product release date’s coincide with phones their cases protect.  Amazon has a listing of 5 new SPIGEN cases for the Google Nexus 5, all of which are shipping on October 31st.  There’s also a nice little darkened picture of the face of the phone, which carries a distinctive Nexus look and has the trademark LG earpiece up top.  We also have product descriptions for each case:

Neo Hybrid

  • Combination of TPU and Polycarbonate for drop and scratch protection

  • Slim and form fitted to show the perfect shape of your device

  • Metalized polycoarbonate control buttons for a stylish look

  • Advanced Shock Absorption Technology: Web Pattern TPU case

  • Compatible with Google Nexus 5 (2013)

Slim Armor

  • Combination of TPU and Polycarbonate for dual protection from drops and scratches

  • Slim and form fitted to show the perfect shape of your device

  • Excellent grips to your hands

  • Advanced Shock Absorption Technology: Web Pattern TPU case

  • Compatible with Google Nexus 5 (2013)

We’ve seen from previous leaks that the Nexus 5 looks to be a plastic device with a rubberized backing, much like the Nexus 7 is.  In fact the Nexus 5, from all the leaks, looks extremely similar to the Nexus 7. Right down to the look and placement of the camera. While this casing is a slight step back in build quality when compared to the sexy and well-built Nexus 4, it’s likely a move on Google’s part to save some cash since Nexus devices are now notoriously inexpensive ones.  Thankfully that doesn’t mean that Google is skimping on the internal components though, with rumors of the Nexus 5 packing the incredibly powerful Snapdragon 800 processor, as well as the same 13 megapixel camera with Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) as the LG G2.  Things are heating up with the Nexus 5, and we expect an announcement for both the Nexus 5 and Android 4.4 Kit Kat sometime in October before either product launches.

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