Pop an AT&T or T-Mobile SIM into the Verizon G2 and Experience HSPA+ with Verizon Logos

September 19, 2013 - Written By Alexander Maxham

The Verizon G2 looks nothing like the AT&T or International G2. Which made a few people mad. The worst part is G2 cases that work for the other variants, won’t work for the Verizon G2 since they made the back buttons smaller. Not to mention there’s no Q Slide and even the toggles look different, along with missing the brightness and volume sliders.

However, let’s put all that aside for a minute. There’s some good news about the Verizon G2. It can actually roam on AT&T or T-Mobile’s network out-of-the-box. Which is pretty darn cool, and seems to be a standard now for Verizon. Verizon hasn’t really been locking down their SIM card slots lately. Which is awesome. While I was reviewing the Verizon Galaxy S4 earlier this year, I was able to toss in my T-Mobile SIM and get HSPA+ on the Verizon Galaxy S4. According to Android Central, the same is possible with the Verizon G2. I can’t check myself, since I have the AT&T G2.


Basically, you just pull out the SIM card tray, which doesn’t even need a little tool, just your fingernail. Take out the Verizon SIM and place your AT&T or T-Mobile SIM (of course AT&T or T-Mobile MVNO’s will work as well, like Straight Talk). You will need to switch the device to GSM/UMTA mode. Which you can check the settings by heading into Settings > Tethering & Networks > Mobile Networks > System.

You will also have to change the APN settings for your device, which is in the same menu we were just in. Although, some SIMs do have the APN’s pre-loaded so you may be able to just pop in your SIM and change to GSM/UMTS and be good to go. But if that doesn’t work, check your APN settings. That’s about it.

So now the Verizon G2 can work on three different networks. Basically, anything but Sprint. Since Sprint likes to have an embedded SIM card slot that is locked tighter than Verizon’s bootloaders.