LG’s Knock Knock Feature is the Best Thing Ever….Here’s Why

September 17, 2013 - Written By Alexander Maxham

So I’ve been playing with the LG G2 for a few days now (review is almost done, so be patient). One of my favorite features is their Knock Knock or Knock ON feature. The G2 has the power button and volume rocker on the back of the device. So to help you out with turning on and off your phone, since you probably do it around 20 times a day, LG developed their Knock Knock feature. Basically you double tap the display to turn it on and double tap an empty space on the home screen to turn it off. It’s a somewhat simple feature, but it’s so awesome. I’ve been using it on the G2 almost exclusively. I almost never actually use the power button on the back of the device.

I’ve actually put together a little video showing it off, which you can see down below. It’s pretty cool and definitely my favorite feature on the G2. Aside from the Slide Aside, and Q Slide and others that are on the G2. The only downside of the Knock Knock feature is that sometimes it doesn’t work. Sometimes you’ll double tap your display and nothing happens. Which kind of sucks, and I’m sure that LG will get that fixed really soon. At least, I’m hoping they do fix it soon. Nonetheless, it still works almost 100% of the time. I’d really like to see other device manufacturers to add this to their devices soon. It’s definitely a feature I rely on now.


How many of you with the LG G2 have been using the Knock Knock feature? Is it your favorite feature of the G2? If not, let us know your favorite feature in the comments down below.

Another tip is that holding the volume down button when your G2 is off, it’ll unlock and get straight into the camera app. Pretty cool right?