Leaks Show Xiaomi Mi3 And Xiaomi Mi 2S in “Gold”

September 30, 2013 - Written By Lucian Armasu

Ever since Apple launched its “gold” (champagne, really) iPhone 5S, it seems every OEM is in a rush to imitate this move, and launch their own gold version, from Samsung to HTC, and now to Xiaomi, too. Whether this is actually a good move or not, it remains to be seen in their sales.


It could however hurt some of them, as Samsung has gotten some pretty bad PR so far over it. Maybe it wouldn’t have been so bad if that gold color for the Galaxy S4 wasn’t so ugly. I don’t know if it’s the taste of their designers, or it’s the fault of the materials they use, because ever since the Galaxy S3 came in colors, all of them have been very ugly and also pretty stealthy colors (instead of bold, bright ones) – every single one of them.

My guess is it has to do with that cheap plastic Samsung keeps choosing, more than anything else, which might be one of the reasons why Samsung has decided to create the Galaxy F series with a metal body (and probably ask consumers for a significant premium over the most likely still plastic-made Galaxy S5).


Going back to the gold Xiaomi Mi3 and Xiaomi Mi 2S, it seems they have better materials, and a much nicer color, too, that looks a lot more subtle and elegant, even than the one on the iPhone (although the fact that it’s still plastic, doesn’t help that “premium” look).

So far Xiaomi seems to have come the closest to imitate Apple with this champagne/gold color, and even if it’s a bad move in general to copy Apple, it will probably work well for them in China, because the Chinese are crazy about the gold color, so I’m sure Xiaomi will be able to take full advantage of that.

Because of the more quality plastic materials they are using, sources say it should be easy for them to add other colors soon, too, so if you’re not that much into the gold color, you may want to see what they’re coming up with next, and prepare your wallet for it.