Frankly, This is the Private Messenger We Have All Been Waiting For

September 24, 2013 - Written By Cory McNutt

Frankly is the next generation of messenger/chat app that empowers you to speak freely and anonymously with your friends, without the worry that someone later could read your deepest thoughts, secrets, or see those naughty photos.  It is in the Play Store now for you to download FREE.  Steve Chung, CEO of Frankly said:

There are very few digital places where people can speak honestly and openly without every word being recorded and saved. Frankly is the closest that someone can come to having a private, in-person conversation in the digital world. We want our app to help users break free from the shackles of superficial and over-edited digital conversations, and thus spark more frequent, frank and intimate conversation with their friends. In an environment of mass sharing, persistent digital storage, and the carefully curated self-image, Frankly swings the pendulum of conversation back to the real you.  Messages on our server are never saved and only stored long enough to deliver them to the intended recipient, allowing people to let their guard down and speak freely, and frankly, without the fear of documentation or misuse.

Frankly Messenger Play Store - Copy

Google-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large1 Click above to download and begin sending your messages with complete confidence through Frankly.

  • Anonymous group messaging with friends lets you express yourself through free texts & photos that vanish without a trace, allowing you to speak freely!
  • Self destructing one on one instant messages or group texts disappear ten seconds after they’re decoded, leaving every message between you and your friends.
  • Snap rapid fire Insta Photo messages to a friend or a group while typing messages at the same time!
  • Unlike other messaging apps, unsend any text or photo message that hasn’t been read!

Frankly allows you to either chat one-on-one or enter a group chat, which, by default, are anonymous and a great way to express yourself completely “off the record,” so to speak.  You must also be over 13 years old to use the Frankly application, and minors 13 to 17 should seek their parents’ permission before installing and using Frankly.

Frankly uses a patent-pending technology to make sure your messages really “disappear” after they are read by the recipient.  Frankly’s encrypting protocols prevent even their own staff and development team from intercepting and reading your private messages. Your messages are erased from the memory on BOTH the sender’s and recipient(s)’ devices once they have disappeared.   Once any of the following actions take place, your message is permanently deleted:

  • All intended recipients have read the message, and the 10-second timer has counted down for all intended recipients.
  • The sender of the message clicks the “X” button next to the message to un-send it. Doing so immediately removes the message from the devices of any intended recipients.
  • Any or all intended recipients log out of the application or leave the chat room in which the message was sent

The photo gallery above will show you the screens, some of your options, and even provides a picture of your blank screen after your message was read.  If you download Frankly and give it a whirl, let us know in the comments or on Google+ what you think of it.  Frankly, I don’t know how you can go wrong!