Android Phone Wars: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs LG Optimus G Pro

September 10, 2013 - Written By Alexander Maxham

It’s the battle of the “phablets”. In the return of one of our favorite features here at Android Headlines, we are putting the brand new Galaxy Note 3 up against the LG Optimus G Pro. Both are made in Korea and share a lot of similarities although the Optimus G Pro sports a 5.5-inch display compared to the 5.7-inch Galaxy Note 3 display. In this phone war we’ll be comparing the specs side-by-side so you can see which one is better, as well as talking about some of the features and then deciding on a winner. Don’t forget, we’ve got a poll at the bottom of the post for to vote for your winner as well as comments below to tell us whether you agree or disagree with our opinion.



Samsung Galaxy Note 3


The Galaxy Note 3 was announced on September 4th in Berlin at Samsung’s Unpacked event. Which they two of those each year now. One for the Galaxy S and then another for the Galaxy Note flagship lines. The Galaxy Note 3 comes with a ton of new features including a revamped S Pen, and a Pie-control like command center for the S Pen. There are also other new features like My Magazine and Multivision that go along with the already feature packed device. My favorite feature is still multi-window, although I think it’s better on the Galaxy Mega since it’s bigger.

The hardware of the Galaxy Note 3 is mixed with the plastic that we all know and love/hate. However Samsung heard our complaints about the plastic and have put faux leather on the back of the Galaxy Note 3. So just the plastic on the front. You’ll also still have your physical home button and capacitive menu and back keys along with your microUSB port, headphone jack, power button and volume rocker in the usual places.

LG Optimus G Pro

Optimus G Pro Black

The LG Optimus G Pro was one of my favorite devices in 2013, but that was before the G2 and the Galaxy Note 3 were announced. The Optimus G Pro is still a great device, even if it is only available on AT&T in the US. One of my favorite features of the Optimus G Pro includes the notification light being integrated into the home button. So the ring around your home button lights up when you get notifications. Another feature was the ability to change the other button on the side to do just about anything. I liked changing it to being a physical camera key.

The Optimus G Pro’s hardware was very similar to Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2. It was plasticky, but didn’t seem as glossy. In my opinion, the display was much better as well. But keep in mind the Optimus G Pro was an IPS while the Galaxy Note 3 is AMOLED. So different strokes for different folks. All the buttons are in the normal place and it did have a removable battery much like many of the Samsung devices out there.

….And the Winner Is….

Galaxy Note 3 colors

This is a tough one. Both devices are really great devices. Unless you’re on AT&T, then the Galaxy Note 3 is the winner plain and simple. But if you are on AT&T or in another part of the world that offers both devices, it really depends on what you like and your price points. While the Optimus G Pro is a great device, I’d have to say the Galaxy Note 3 is the better device at this point. It makes me wish they both had come out at the same time. I’m sure it’d be a much tougher competition then.