Android Apps to Improve your Sport Performance

September 24, 2013 - Written By Chris Yackulic

Apps have helped us to improve almost every aspect of our lives, from gaming to socializing, cooking to organisation. One way apps have innovated our day-to-day activities is via the emergence of sophisticated training titles.

These mobile products can structure our diet plans, track our performances and relay valuable feedback and statistics to us. Now they can also help you learn and master the sport of your choice.

Here are some apps, currently available in the Google Play store, which are ideal for sports players everywhere.

Soccer training

Soccer Training by CoachingApps


A must-have app for all football fans and players, the Soccer Training app includes 200 expertly designed exercises to help you train. Each exercise will include an easy to understand explanation, a graphic illustration along with tips and variations.

There are six different training categories to choose from including Warm Up, Technical and Tactical Skills, Ballgames, Physical Conditioning, Goalkeeping and Just for Fun. With the option to schedule daily programs and receive feedback, this is a comprehensive and brilliantly designed app, which will see you achieving results quickly and easily.


Rugby Training

Rugby Training and Drills by GR8Media


The Rugby Training and Drill app does exactly what it says on the tin, offering 218 instructional guide videos. The first 29 are available immediately, with the rest being added as you progress through them.

There is a huge selection of sample lessons, including everything from defence to passes, handling, drawing and tackling in easy step-by-step guides. Anyone serious about playing rugby should download the app and follow the expert advice delivered straight to their fingertips.


Tennis Coach

Tennis Coach by TKRM, LLC


When you’re heading out onto the tennis court make sure you have the Tennis Coach with you. The reminder tips help to guide your performance as you play. The app will remember details about your play and your opponents, allowing you to consult during the changeover period, and reminding you of the important information before you head back into the game.

This app is ideal for refreshing your mind and keeping you focused. The coaching application doesn’t use drills or lessons to help you improve, but rather tracks your peak performance and tells you how to keep on track.


Golf Coach

Leadbetter Golf Training Tips by Kelly Walsh


A collection of 20 different vital video lessons, as well as tips and tricks from the renowned David Leadbetter can be found all in one convenient place. The simplistic and easy to navigate design makes this app accessible to all users as it relays valuable information on learning and improving your skills on the course.

Lessons include posture, grip, swing alignment, driving the golf ball, great iron play, baseball swing drill, club fall out drill, set check & go drill and more.


poker stars

PokerStars Mobile by PokerStars


Not all games are played on pitches, courts or courses and the PokerStars Mobile app is the ideal way to improve your performance on the virtual poker felt. Both online and live poker tournaments have boomed in popularity recently and this app can help you to get in on the action.

Access the world’s largest online poker site from the palm of your hand and play in various games using play-money. Once you’ve built your confidence from competing in games and chatting with fellow players, you can graduate to the cash tables, using the web cashier feature to earn some real money.