You Might Want To Leave Your Google Glass At Home If You’re Going To One Of These Places

August 10, 2013 - Written By Leonardo Benveniste

Sometimes we say that everyone wants Google Glass but the truth is that some places don’t want Google Glass to even be near them. On one side we have some countries considering banning the augmented reality glasses from driving and I can understand that, it’s a new piece of technology and we have to be careful with it and how it impacts our life and on the other side, you have venues or businesses that have need to be as private as possible and a device like Glass might create a conflict so they decided to complete ban them from entering.

I’m sure more conflicts will arise, new bans will come in effect while some other bans will probably be lifted once the device is finalized and out there in the streets.

Search Engine Journal compiled a list of some places that have currently forbidden the entrance of people wearing Google Glass.

Let’s see the reasons for each place:


This one is easy, banks don’t like to have people on the inside talking to people on the outside, and surely they don’t like having someone recording the inside of the bank without them knowing about it. Bank accounts and people’s ID are very important information that has to remain private.

This one will probably stay this way.

Sports Arenas/Concert Venues

These places don’t like people recording the shows or events, they have money coming from television or dvds so they want that event to be as exclusive as possible. Nowadays everyone has a smartphone with a camera and most events are recorded anyway by thousands of people.

This one might change once more people get the device.

Locker Rooms/Dressing Rooms

It might not be exactly a ban but more of an etiquette question. Sure, places where people are naked that already ban cameras will probably ban Google Glass as well, but dressing rooms are more difficult. They won’t take your phone in a locker room but if someone sees you taking a picture you will get in trouble, the same will happen with Glass.

This one won’t change, if people are naked you won’t be able to wear Glass around them.

Movie Theaters

It’s a no-brainer, movie theaters hate cameras and they will hate Glass even more, there’s no way they will allow people to wear any kind of head-mounted camera inside the theater.

This one isn’t going to change at all. Ever.


We’ve talked about Glass and drivers, and while some states or countries are worried about it, I think eventually it might be of help to drivers, as stated by Sahas Katta.

The first version of Glass will probably be banned almost everywhere, there’s little doubt about that.

This one will probably change slowly as Glass evolves into a safer device that only helps the driver and works in a way that causes zero distractions.


It’s all about the privacy, just like with banks, people’s ID and medical history are sacred so having a camera running wild inside a hospital is not something that people will enjoy.

You might be able to use Glass if you’re in your own room or in your bed, but as a visitor it’s very likely that you’ll be asked to remove the device as soon as you step inside.

This one isn’t likely to change.


Schools don’t like videogames, they don’t like smartphones, they don’t like cameras, end of story. Google Glass is all of them together so it’s impossible for students to wear one of these inside a school. Also, the privacy and security of the students is something very important.

This one won’t change in the near future, but eventually it might, with a lot of limits and considerations.

Strip Clubs

I’m sure some people went to a strip club within the first week of receiving their Glass devices, just to see if they could sneak it in. I’m sure that didn’t end well..

Keeping what happens inside the club actually on the inside is one of the most important things for these kind of venues, so Glass is definitely off-limits.

This one won’t change for sure.


Casinos are probably a combination of all of the above, they have money, people’s ID, cheating possibilities, there must be a million reasons casinos don’t like Glass, and they’re all about preserving the lifestyle of the people on the inside.

This one won’t change, but some celebrities might get to keep theirs just like it happens with cameras and phones.


This one is the strangest on the list, bars are places where people go with friends, have drinks, spend money and take pictures, that’s what everybody does in a bar, so it’s very strange to see bars shutting down Google Glass. I guess it must have to do with the fact that someone might be recorded without an obvious camera pointing at them and that might cause a scandal if the person isn’t supposed to be there, which eventually might lead to bad press for the bar. Other than that, I have no idea why some bars might dislike Google Glass.

There you go, most of these reasons make sense, mostly for privacy reasons like banks and hospitals, while others like bars don’t really make sense. When Google Glass comes to the street and into the hand of consumers, everyone will have to start from scratch and re-think the way the device works. I’m sure Google is aware of these places and is working hard to make everyone happy, both users and owners alike.