Casio Introduce G-SHOCK GB-6900B; Subtly Connects to Our Smartphones

August 13, 2013 - Written By Tom Dawson


With Smartwatches quietly taking off and huge amounts of hype surrounding them, you’d think that stalwarts like Casio would be leading the pack, right? Well, Casio are more interested in sticking to what works for them and they’re introducing a new generation of their G-Shock watches that don’t stray too far away from the original design. With the GB-6900B Casio have built on technology that was introduced in the previous GB-5600AB that allowed you to control an iPhone’s music from a wrist. This time around, the watch works with Android as well as the iPhone and can alert you to an incoming call, an SMS and allows you to change tracks with buttons on the watch itself. It alerts you to incoming messages and calls through the use of vibration, onscreen display and audio alerts – which we assume are going to be awesome little “beeps”.

Unfortunately, as Android Community is reporting the Galaxy S4 is the only Android device that’s currently listed as supported by this new watch. We’re no experts but, we’d assume that this has something to do with the use of Bluetooth 4.0 which very few Android models currently support. Which is a real shame because fans of the G-Shock series could pick up the perfect blend of new and old with this latest offering from Casio.

For those not looking for a full-blown smartwatch, or those just not convinced this offers a decent compromise and we doubt Casio is going to charge the earth for something like this. Although, on the flip side we doubt it’s going to be cheap. So, Casio seem to have a decent smartwatch alternative on their hands that still offers the same sort of functionality. It’s available in a handful of colors including: Black, Black x Blue, Green, and White. Meanwhile, there is a larger version of the device the GB-X6900B will be available in Black, Blue, and Orange.

The real question is – would any of you buy this thing?