Samsung Pushing out Android 4.3 Update to the Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition as Soon as It’s Announced!

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Here we go again. Another system dump of Android 4.3 for the Google Play Edition Galaxy S4 has hit our favorite forum, XDA. This shows us that Samsung and Google are working to get the update ready as soon as Google announces the update. This is the second leaked build of Android 4.3 for this particular device and the second leak in the past 3 days. So it definitely appears that Samsung will push out the update quicker than the Touchwiz Galaxy S4 would get Android 4.3.

This really tells us that the update is ready to go and that Samsung is just waiting on Google. Meanwhile, we haven’t seen a leaked build of Android 4.3 for the HTC One Google Play Edition. Which has me a bit nervous that you those that bought the HTC One won’t get the relatively fast updates. I certainly hope I’m wrong though and that HTC has just kept them hidden a bit better than Samsung.

So when will Google announce Android 4.3? We don’t know for sure, but we are pretty sure it’ll be announced and pushed to AOSP next Wednesday at the Breakfast with Sundar event in San Francisco. As always, Android Headlines will be covering that event and we’ll have plenty of coverage on the Android 4.3 update once it is out. Along with the Nexus 7 as well.

If you are interested in flashing the Android 4.3 zip file onto your Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition, then head to the XDA thread here and make sure you follow the directions before attempting to flash it on your device. If you do take the plunge and flash the new leaked build onto your Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition, make sure to leave a comment below with what changes you see in the update. We’re always interested to see what’s new.

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  • dimnex

    Good God Google just release 4.3 already. For a minor update that 4.3 is it feels like we’ve been waiting for eternity. Especially considering that we were expecting Key Lime Pie by this point. I bought a nexus specifically for the updates and I feel kind of cheated, like what was the point getting one really when the way we’re going KLPie will probably arrive when the new Nexus will come out. I could have bought a htc one for example (not that the N4 isn’t a nice device – just sayin) and be only some minor .x.x android versions behind which would be fine. Not to mention that with the google editions out I suppose the guys over at xda will bring 4.3 to regular s4 and htc1. So yeah…