‘I’m Very Excited’ – Larry Page about the Upcoming Moto X

July 18, 2013 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Who’s tired of hearing about the Moto X? I know I’m starting to get tired of posting about it. But once again during the company’s conference call where they announced their earnings for Q2 2013, Larry Page spoke about the Moto X, albeit briefly.

“I know you’re all eagerly anticipating what Motorola is launching soon. Having been a tester for a while. I’m very excited.

Google does have an event next week. But we aren’t 100% sure that the Moto X will be unveiled at that event. We are still fairly confident that the Moto X will be announced at a Motorola event. This event next week seems like an Android/Nexus event. We’ve even heard from various other people thinking that we’ll see that Chrome Key and a Google TV at the event. But we’ll have to wait until Wednesday to find out for sure. We will be covering that event in-depth as we always do.

Verizon also has an event next week. Which has to do with Motorola, but will most likely be the Droid line of phones. Which has been leaked like crazy lately. We still don’t have any idea when the Moto X will be announced. But what we do know is there is an embargo on the device. So that everyone at their event last week at the GooglePlex can’t say anything about the phone until then. Which means the phone will be announced soon, we just don’t know exactly when.

Many of us are excited for the Moto X. We just wonder if a dual-core Snapdragon S4 Pro powered phone can really take off in 2013. I think if the software and battery life is there it can do very well. How many of you are still excited for the Moto X? Let us know in the comments below.