By 2014, 5 Million Smartwatches Will Have Shipped; So Say Canalys

July 17, 2013 - Written By Tom Dawson


The Smartwatch segment is finally starting to open up, with the Pebble becoming easier to get hold of – now selling at Best Buy – and Sony expanding their offerings with the Smartwatch 2 said to land this Fall. Canalys seem to think that Smartwatches are going to quickly become very important consumer products in the next year or so. So important in fact, that they’re forecasting shipments of up to 5 Million in 2014. No matter what product it is, shipping 5 Million in a year is still pretty good and especially good for a new product that still has a lot to prove.

Much like myself, Canalys seem to think that the Smartwatch is going to be as important a device type as the iPad, Canalys VP Chris Jones says that “”Smart watches will be the most important new product category in consumer electronics since the iPad defined the market for tablets,”. I think the Smartwatch is more of an iPod moment than it is an iPad one, as there’s little reason to not buy a smartwatch, it replaces something you already have on your wrist, delivers the same function and a whole host more. Whereas as the iPad and tablets in general aren’t for everyone, a lot of people like to stick to their smartphone or laptop, for example.

One thing’s for sure though, there’s no escaping the Smartwatch and while the statement of 5 Million of them shipping in 2014 sure is grandiose, there’s a very good possibility that next year is going to be the year of the Smartwatch. Pricing of these watches are going to be key though, with the Pebble costing just $99 it seems a pretty good buy but, more advanced pieces like Sony’s upcoming Smartwatch 2 and the i’M Watch (pictured above) sell for more and therefore could turn consumers off. Right now, time is on our side, as we can look back at this next year and see if the analysts got it right for once.