Android Headliner: What’s the Next Innovation in the Smartphone World? Battery Technology!

| July 16, 2013 | 11 Replies


What is the number one complaint of users of smartphones? Battery life. In fact, I recently switched from the Nexus 4, to a Galaxy S3 with a 7000mAh battery from Zero Lemon. So my phone can last throughout the day. We’ve seen a few phones coming with larger batteries. Like the Droid Razr Maxx which had a 3300mAh battery with a 4.3-inch display and the Galaxy Note 2 packed a 3100mAh battery in a 5.5-inch display. I think that we are at the point now where specs are about as far as they will go. The only real specs that matter to me now is the camera and the battery. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m tired of carrying chargers around.

Battery Technology is the next innovation. If you look at the iPhone 5 it has something like a 1500mAh battery and it does last the entire day, unless you’re using the phone non-stop. Now my Galaxy S3 has a 2100mAh battery (the official Samsung battery) and it only lasts half a day. So battery technology is both hardware and software. Anyone remember the days when our phones would last weeks on a battery? Can we have that again?


Sony has what they call “Battery Stamina” on the Xperia Z and ZL and probably their upcoming Xperia Z Ultra and Honami. I used Battery Stamina on the Xperia ZL and it makes a huge difference. It almost doubled my battery life, which completely amazed me. There’s also Greenify, which is a great app to help save your battery. On my Nexus 4 it gave me a good 6-8 hours on LTE, depending on my usage. But that app does require root access.

So here’s what I’m saying. OEMs, keep the specs where they are (1080p display, Snapdragon 800, 2GB of RAM, 13MP camera, etc.) and give us a bigger battery. I don’t care if that makes my phone thicker. I’m just going to buy a Mophie or extended battery for it anyways so it can last the entire day. Make phones a millimeter or two thicker and give us a huge battery. “I want a thin device, with a small battery” said no one ever! That new device that Huawei announced not too long ago, it’s a great looking device, but it has a tiny battery. Which means I’ll never buy it. Come on manufacturers, just make them a little bit thicker with a bigger battery inside. We’ll thank you with our wallets!

How many of you agree with me? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • atheneum

    I am using Xperia Z and the stamina battery mode does extend my z up till almost a day.
    I agree with you, forget about being thin, just give us a decent battery which at least by looking at the specs now days, it should be minimum 3000 mAh.

  • Duncan Craven

    Totally agree. I velcro a 4100mAH to my Nexus 4. Having a little weight makes me feel better. A bit of weight, and I know I have my phone with me and I know it will last a whole day and more. Planning on getting an Anker 10k+ mAH battery.

  • mason

    I agree, my HTC one last’s allday but it would be nice for it to last a couple days. A thicker phone would be fine I personally like bigger phones. I hope bigger batteries is the future as well as every phone being “life” proof.

  • wingerotw

    Couldn’t agree more. I think this competition to provide the thinnest phone is something the manufacturers made up in their heads; rather than actually asking the public what they really want. Most of us would rather sacrifice a few mm for the sake of a phone that would last 2 full days of average usage / 1 full day of heavy usage.

  • freedomspopular

    Definitely. I’ve gotten so used to my 6200 mAH extended battery on my Note 2 that I couldn’t live without it. I’d love to see an OEM buck the trend and make a huge battery like that standard.

  • Avinash Kumar

    The worst i have seen in for lumia 920. Browse for an hour and you will be down by 30-40% besides having a very HOT phone.

  • Peter Pugliese

    I’d like to see battery technology progress so battery capacity improves at current sizes. That would allow for thin phones AND longer lasting batteries.

  • thebestisyetaz

    Absolutely! I just purchased a new Android phone and I have to charge it at least twice a day! This is ridiculous!!!!

  • Chua Meng Choon

    I’d rather carry an extra charged battery in my jeans than hold a thin smartphone with a thick battery.

  • Ciprian

    For sure, thicker and bigger battery!

  • Evaita1

    Agree, even though my HTC One lasts the entire day and will moderate use even till the next morning specially when I activate juicedefender. There is no better feeling than 70% bat at 10pm.