Verizon Updates Galaxy S III Once Again; Fix for Connectivity Issues?

June 20, 2013 - Written By Tom Dawson


The Galaxy S III has been an extremely popular device for Samsung, some would say the most popular of theirs to date. Regardless of how you feel about Samsung, they’re easily the best OEM out there when it comes to keeping their devices up-to-date. Of course, the US carriers will always get in the way and this is no more true than when we talk about Verizon and their update practices. In an unusual move for Verizon, there was a recent update for the Galaxy S III that did more harm that it did good. As we reported in last week’s OTA roundup, the VRBMD3 update seemed to cause more than just a few headaches for Galaxy S III users. We say “unusual” for Verizon because they often spend forever “testing” a software update before rolling it out.

Reported issues ranged from inferior battery life to connectivity issues. Verizon quickly pulled the update and let everyone know that there was indeed, a fix on its way. Well, today could be that day. An update to build VRBMF1 is rolling out to devices in the wild. What’s a little interesting here is that the Verizon support site hasn’t been updated with new info, at least not at the time of writing that is. Hopefully, by the time our OTA weekly roundup is published, we’ll have some more info for you.

Let us know in the comments if this update has seemingly fixed any and/or all of your problems that the previous update seemed to have brought with it. If you’ve yet to receive the update then try heading on over to device settings followed by “About Phone” and then “Software Update”. The update is only a small one, so the process shouldn’t take long, and fingers crossed that it fixes your connectivity issues.