Android Game Of The Day: Twin Blades

June 7, 2013 - Written By Justin Diaz

Here at Android Headlines, games are somewhat of a second love. To some there considered a first. (raises hand) Since we know how much you guys love games, we’ll be bringing you a new one to check out every day. Yep. Every day.unnamed (2)Today’s pick is from Developer Bulkypix. Twin Blades is a side-scrolling shooter with gorgeous manga art. This was the first thing on the radar for me. I love games, but i’m also a huge manga fan and I think the art is fantastic, so naturally I fell in love with the idea of having this to look at while I slay evil baddies as a nun. You heard that right a nun. Oh i didn’t mention that yet? The main protagonist in this little gem is a NUN!unnamedBulkypix has you running through multiple environments on this game so you won’t get bored from the scenery too quickly, although I imagine like any game if you plug away at it for too long you’ll start to grow tired of it. Building on this statement, Twin Blades seems to be a tad bit short so you might want to spread your game sessions out a bit. That’s not to say you won’t have insane amounts of fun playing this one.unnamed (6)Twin Blades has lots of options for you in the artillery department. Everything from a machine gun to nukes. Just in case tearing the zombies to bits with a barrage of bullets isn’t enough. Hey there’s always Nuclear warfare. I know what you’re thinking. “Boss encounters”. Not to worry. Twin Blades has that too. You can upgrade your skills and train them to be more efficient also, so weapons aren’t the only weapon in your arsenal. Once you’re feeling like god and laying waste to anything that walks though don’t think you won’t be surprised by what comes next. There are different kinds of zombies, each with different behaviors to mix things up. The game is even interactive here. You shake your device to get rid of grabbers! How slick is that. At $2.99, one shouldn’t be disappointed with their choice to buy this game, so give it a try and enjoy everything that Twin Blades has to offer.Google-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large1