AH Primetime: Does Samsung Make Too Many Phones and Tablets? 26 To Be Exact

| June 15, 2013 | 10 Replies


We already know the story. Samsung makes a ton of phones and tablets, but are they making too many? It seems every week Samsung is announcing a new phone. Which is good and bad. It’s good because it gives consumers choices. In fact, Samsung has devices ranging from 3-inches to 10.1-inches. The Galaxy Y at 3-inches and the Galaxy Note 10.1 and Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 of course at 10.1-inches. The bad side is updates. With this many devices, and plenty of variations of each device, it’ll take that much longer to get updates from Samsung. This article isn’t taking a stab at Samsung, rather asking if the Korean manufacturer should slow down a bit with new devices.

For starters we have 5 different Galaxy S4 variants.  The S4, S4 Google Edition, S4 Zoom, and the S4 Active. That’s in addition to the variants for each carrier. Yeah that by itself can be quite a headache. Is Samsung releasing too many devices? Well when Nokia was at it’s peak, right after the iPhone debuted it released 40 phones. Each one of them was a phone. No tablets. At this rate, Samsung will hit 40 devices by the end of their Premiere Event next week in London. Nokia also had almost no competition at that time, and Samsung is getting challenged right and left by the HTC One, iPhone 5/5S, Moto X, LG Optimus G and Optimus G Pro, just to name a few of the competitors.

But when Nokia was #1, no one really cared about updates. Now with Google doing Android and sending the code to Samsung, updates take longer. So you see these great new features from Google, but you can’t have them for 6-12 months from now. How awesome is that? Samsung also has about 5 phones between 3-4 inches. Is there really a point to that? Then you have the Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Note line of tablets, only real difference is price and the S Pen. Couldn’t Samsung make one tablet and make the S Pen optional? Makes sense right?

Is Samsung making too many phones? It sure does seem like it, but in all honesty they really aren’t. HTC, was on top in 2011 and released around 80 phones worldwide. That included all their different variants as well. Which really hurt them, mostly because they released a successor to a phone that barely had any upgrades too it. Similar to the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4. So I hope that Samsung can find a happy medium between too many and not enough devices. As much as I’d like to see someone step up and challenge Samsung a bit more. Samsung seems to be the only OEM doing what us, the consumers, want.  Removable batteries, developer support, microSD card slots, phablets, and much more. So what do you think? Is Samsung making to many devices? Let us know in the comments below.


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  • HanumanBob

    Samsung will continue to use the buckshot methods of marketing. You still have loyalists or anti apple fanatics but it is just not the same type of dedication apple has and never will be. Their product lines are to fractured. And android is also very fractured. This irks Samsung tremendously. They want nothing more than to be Apple.

    • Benny Sulistio

      I disagree with u with “They want nothing more than to be Apple” part sir. Remember when SJ said that 7 inch tablets will be dead on arrival? With the release of iPad Mini and the rumor an “iPhablet” is on its way, it seems like the opinion has turn the other way around. Though, personally, i think neither companies are trying hard to be the other. It’s simply their own marketing method. Apple with their limited range of devices boasts stability, while Samsung with their wide range of product (screen sizes) boasts options and personality.

      I don’t think Samsung really care about having loyalist or cult like Apple does. Maybe they don’t care about their customers at all. They just have to release a new device with the latest version of android with some gimmicks and, boom, everyone are out of their mind for it, and doesn’t care about the software update of their current device. Moreover, even if their customers are not updating their devices to the latest android, their current device will still work perfectly the way they want it (that’s why they get that devices in the first place). Updating android firmware are more for the curious and geeky ones. It’s business, it’s money, it’s efficiency. All are fair and square in this.

      • Stanry Tan

        Let’s not making assumption to the extreme ends. All company want to make money and they are nit charitable organisation or else they would have sold their phone at low price whether is it Apple or Samsung or HTC or…. Etc. And all these companies making somewhat good phone in some way and not a crappy phone that spoilt the next day to cheat the consumer. The cinaumer ia not stupid either. Are you?
        Each of these companies, they have to achieve a certain goal in order consumers to buy their product. I won’t say their intentions is100% consumer focus. But whatever they do, consumer wins, as tgey compete with each other to produce the best phone for us.

        • Benny Sulistio

          My thoughts exactly. Of that, i agree with you sir. I’m not assuming anything with my comment above. I’m just making a point that neither company are trying too hard to be the other. Each of them have their own way of marketing their phone. The competition is fair.

          • Stanry Tan

            Year 2013, will be a year of fierce competition to all smartphone maker be it Iphone or Android OS. Especially android smartphone makers who do not make enough sales like Samsung feel the heat. Those wonderer Android manufacturers still wondering why their phone sales not even equivalent to one full slice of pie though they are too running on same OS will left very far behind. HTC, Sony and Motorola gotta think harder…where they have gone wrong, not just about Build quality that will please the consumer. It is the software too, all the 3 never spend much attention to it.
            Steve Job knew it long long time ago, Samsung got it too.

  • Grant

    They seem to make a phone phone for every niche but it seems unnecessary. Why do they need 5 phones from 3-4″ and 5 more from 4-5″? I know othermanufacturers make lots of phones to, but you can tell what phones are Samsung because every phone they make has the same style until their new design, then they make more, next design, and more again.

  • Pamela

    I personally dislike the fact that Samsung releases SO MANY devices! I mean, I understand the need to target the low-end markets or whatever but in the end, they can’t even keep up with updates. And with more and more phones that they keep releasing, they sometimes neglect some previous phones and that irritates me. I do love Samsung (I have an S3 and still waiting on 4.2.2) but I think they need to slow down a bit and pay more attention to the devices that they DO have.

  • Stanry Tan

    Yes. Totally agree Samsung has so many variants which is good to consumers. Every level has the chance to own Samsung phone.
    Among the Android OEM phone maker, Samsung gave one of the best support and fastest rom upgrade. Of course depend on type and model of phone you are holding. The TOP end phone usually receives the fastest rom upgrade compare to the lower or the bottom end.

  • Stanry Tan

    The reason why i still stay on to Samsung not because of its name. HTC was my favorite phone, not until HTC cut cost on battery, always give just enough internal memory back then from 2009 till 2012. Bcoz even i purchase the TOP end phone, the internal memory only about 256mb or 512mb, storage memory always give the minimal of 4GB or 8GB when iphone, Samsung gives 16GB or more. I always experience phone hang due to lag of system memory. All these frustrated me very much. The HTC support in Singapore is sxxcks. The retailer markup the price very high. Since then i moved to Samsung.

    • Stanry Tan

      But now 2013, HTC one is the break thu for HTC. They give sufficient bateery size and memory. I wish them good.
      One thing Samsung excel in their phone is the highly tweak Samsung Touch wiz. It is so much convenient and ease of use. I think Samsung knows why Iphone is still so popular, bcoz easy to use interface. Samsung is making the phone for robot, it is for human. With all these features such as Smart Stay, Air Gesture, Air View not developed not for no reason. They are making the phone for our convenient.