Sparkling Society Games Presents City Island: Airport, Now Available on Android

May 9, 2013 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Sparkling Society Games has just launched a brand new game for Android, it’s now available in the Play Store. It’s called City Island: Airport. The basic premise of the game is to develop your city and airport and turn your island into a paradise for tourists. The game is completely free and includes a ton of great features including:

  • Great visual graphics
  • Intuitive Gameplay
  • Dozens of beautiful unique buildings
  • Attract tourist with beautiful resorts, hotels, and great attractions
  • Grow your airport and city to allow big planes to bring in tourists continuously
  • Collect profit from your accommodations
  • Upgrade your flight tower and terminal according to your Island
  • And much more!


This is an Android exclusive game, which is something we don’t see too much of, but it is very welcome. This is a sequel to their game, City Island which has a 5-star rating on the Play Store and our Editor Tom Dawson reviewed it recently. This game has over 50 addicting levels of fun and excitement, where you can play for free or buy virtual goods. You can choose your best strategy by either expanding your airport to attract larger planes or develop your tourist paradise with beautiful resorts. The choice is yours.

City Island: Airport is available right now on the Play Store for free, and it appears to be a pretty good game. I’ll definitely have to check it out, and I’m sure many of you will love it as well.


Is this the type of games you like to play? If so, head to the Play Store by hitting the button down below and grab City Island: Airport today. You’re going to love it. Have you played any of Sparkling Society’s other games before? Let us know in the comments which ones, and how you’re liking City Island: Airport.