Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition Being Announced at Google I/O – Complete with Stock Android and microSD Card Slot

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Now here’s something none of us expected. This evening, is reporting that Samsung and Google will be introducing a Galaxy S4 Google Edition. So what exactly is that? Well it’s basically the Galaxy S4 with stock Android. That’s every Android nerd/geek’s dream. So why did the two companies partner up for this device?

Well Samsung and Google have heard our cries for a stock Android device that’s not a Nexus. Currently, to do that you’d have to root and install CyanogenMod or some other AOSP-based ROM. But thanks to this project from Google and Samsung, it looks like you’ll be able to get a Galaxy S4 with a stable version of Stock Android.

The device will ship with T-Mobile bands, but right now we have no idea what kind of pricing to expect, or where it’ll be sold. I have a feeling it’ll be in the Play Store, and possibly T-Mobile stores. This is expected to ship sometime in June. But remember this will NOT be a Nexus device. It’ll be similar to the Motorola XOOM and be an AOSP device, most likely. Which means we should see updates for it shortly after the Nexus lineup.

It’s pretty surprising to see Samsung working on a Galaxy S4 Google Edition. It’s something they haven’t done before, aside from their 3 Nexus devices that they’ve developed for Google in the past few years. This device is said to have all the specs of the Galaxy S4, but bloat and Touchwiz free. So that means no Multi-window, no Air View, or any of that other good stuff.

How many of you are going to grab a Galaxy S4 Google Edition once it’s announced with pricing and availability? Let us know in the comments down below.

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  • Ken M

    Its just another device to me if not available for AT&T….

  • Gavin Greenwood

    Weird… Would rather see a “Motorola x”

    • billy routh

      It does not exist!

  • Ray Gray

    Verizon please

  • Robbery

    Wow. That’d rock. But alas I’m married to my nexus at least until Xmas.

  • Rob Kennedy

    It’s GSM only, might as well be another Nexus. shesssh.

  • Richard Percy

    Present me with a HTC one Google edition and I’m in!

    • the_v1s1onary

      With software keys only and it’d be my next.

  • Joshua Wasabi Coombes

    Unlocked? That’s what I want because I’m living in 2 countries.

  • Herojig

    don’t get it. what is the advantage? If you buy the bloated one, twrp the device, load the stock google Rom, would’t that be better… best of both worlds?

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  • Joel Coulson

    So long as it’s unlocked and can be purchased outright for less than $US600. Yes please!


    Sounds like a great idea except for T-Mobiles service just sucks everywhere i go. I love google and i love Samsung phones with no bloat! I would buy one when i can run it on any carrier that i choose! How about that for the free world!

  • Nicandro Filho

    It will be a flop. And Samsung knows it. But they want to prove a point.

    S3 and S4 have giant sales because of TouchWiz, not because of Android.

    I disagree. I think S3 and S4 have giant sales because they have good advertising and spend a lot of money in marketing. And of course they are very good phones. But, others as good as well, don’t have those giant sales, because don’t spend as much as Samsung in publicity.

  • Richie013

    Will it be octa core? lolololololol