Samsung Explains Available Storage Discrepancy On The 16GB Galaxy S4

| May 5, 2013 | 11 Replies


For the longest time, manufacturers have advertised higher storage amounts on devices than what is actually available. For example, my 128GB Macbook Pro SSD actually only has roughly 120GB free. What happened to the other 8GB? The operating system and pre-installed apps take up about that much space. When you have that much storage on a computer, we don’t really pay attention to the missing gigabytes. But as Samsung has learned, when a 16GB device has only 8GB available to the user, consumers are going to get angry.

As the Galaxy S4 made its way to the hands of consumers, they started realizing that their 16GB device actually only had 8GB of storage space available for use. The other half of the storage was occupied by the pre-installed apps, operating system, and of course, TouchWiz. But, what makes those things take up such a large amount of space? Well, in a statement to CNET, a Samsung representative explained that due to the high-resolution 1080p display, things take up more space. “For the Galaxy S4 16GB model, approximately 6.85GB occupies [the] system part of internal memory, which is 1GB bigger than that of the Galaxy S3, in order to provide [a] high-resolution display and more powerful features to our consumers,” the company said.


Whether or not you believe that is up to you, but when you think about it, how many of those pre-installed apps do you actually use? Very few, in my case, but I’m forced to lose half of my storage space for them, which just doesn’t seem right. Samsung really should have just marketed the base Galaxy S4 as 8GB and avoided this whole mess.

Of course, the Galaxy S4 does at least have a microSD card slot, which can’t be said for the HTC One. There is one downside to the microSD card, though, and that is you can’t install apps on it, just videos, music, and pictures. If you’re someone who does a lot of gaming with your phone, then you’ll quickly run out of space with the Galaxy S4. For example, Real Racing 3 will take up 1.2GB of storage. And that’s just one app.

What do you think of manufacturers marketing the incorrect amount of storage? Should they be required to advertise the available space? Let us know down in the comments!

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  • Delroy Dennie

    Installing a custom rom would solve that problem real quick :P

    • Piotr Wicherski

      But you will also lost all premium features :)

  • Villiam

    Is app2sd and stuff like that not known anymore?

    • Alexander Maxham

      Last time I checked, a lot of apps won’t work with apps2sd because or piracy issues. But how many people are installing 8GB of apps? Everything else can go on the SD card.

      • Dumb Americans

        Still, one shouldn’t have to!

        • Alexander Maxham

          Exactly my point all along. But some people “love” Samsung’s features. So gotta be nice lol

  • daniel gann

    Yes they should add extra storage for their is and bloat and then give you your 4,8.16.32 whatever the case may be

  • Mario Matthews

    my HTC One 32gb had 25gb available

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  • Marvin Crompton

    The only thing Samsung is doing wrong is still keeping 16GB models. Other than that 8 GB for the OS isn’t a surprise And in future, that number is simply gonna grow. Like Mario Matthews can attest, the HTC one 32 GB comes with 25 GB available. The 32GB S4 will probably come with 24 GB available.

  • TheApprentice

    They should just include a “User Avaialable Memory” field after the “Internal Storage”