HTC One Still Not Selling As Well As The Galaxy S4

| May 5, 2013 | 36 Replies


It’s no secret that HTC has been having more than its fair share of struggles recently. A year ago, when it launched the One series of devices, including the One X and One S, the company expected to be propelled back to domination in the Android market, but even though they were decent devices, the One series faltered and ultimately did not sell all that well. This time around in 2013, however, HTC once again thinks it has cracked the code of the perfect Android device with the HTC One. However, Samsung also thinks it can hold onto its lead thanks to the Galaxy S4.

The One has had several advantages so far, including coming to market first, very good reviews, and a beautiful design. The Galaxy S4 has had a rocky launch, as it has reportedly been very buggy and slow for some users and has received criticism for its all plastic design. But, the only thing that matters is how well each device sells, and according to a new report, the Galaxy S4 is yet again outselling the HTC One.

According to a survey of 20 Los Angeles AT&T and Sprint stores conducted by The Examiner, the HTC One has been “selling well, but not as well as the Samsung Galaxy S4.” While it’s very good news to HTC that its device is selling well, its ultimate goal is to make its One brand more well-known than the Galaxy S brand, which doesn’t appear to be happening so far.


As far as returns go, the blog reports that the HTC One has been seeing more returns due to dead pixels and blown out speakers. “The HTC One seems to have a problem with dead pixels and blown speakers, but it’s not a major issue to our customers yet,” a reliable store representative told the Examiner.

The HTC One has been available from some carriers since as early as April 19th, while the Galaxy S4 launched April 27th from some carriers, but is still a hard find for many people.

Have you seen either of these devices out in public yet? I haven’t, but iPhones seem to dominate my city. Let us know down in the comments!

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I've had an interest in technology my whole life, with Android dominating the last few years. My first Android device was the Motorola Cliq. Since then, I've filtered through countless phones, with my current being a Galaxy Note II, which I love.
  • Dean Waller

    I sold my crippled s4 for the one……..simply a stunning phone best I’ve ever owned…….and once memorygate breaks with the general public at large I expect these figures to be reversed .

  • Android1

    I had the HTC One but one I tried my friends S4, I took the One back. The S4 is much faster, lighter and the screen looks amazing next to the HTC One. The S4 is better all the way around.

    • Dean Waller

      No it isn’t…….it has almost no internal memory and no app2sd…..its effectively crippled out of the box.

    • Jared Persinger

      No it isn’t it was cheaply designed, breaks if you even think about dropping it, touch wiz is laggy if you have all the features open and most of the internal storage is taken up by bloat

    • Kit Pogi

      Faster? I’ve played with the S4 and it still has that lag like on the S3! You wanna know why? It’s called TouchWiz! Sense 5 got skinned down to the bones that made JellyBean project butter even smoother. No more 3D intimations , no more gimmicky effects…talk about skinned down big time.

    • sidney

      The s4 had a green tinted screen no where as good as the HTC one

    • Marvin Crompton

      Agreed. But why so much negative responses for your own opinions? We all don’t have to think the htc one is better. They are both good smartphones, and a person would get the one they want. The HTC one isn’t for everyone.

    • Paul Peynado

      I think people will sing a different tune about the HTC One when the new Android OS starts coming around and HTC gives their customers the cold shoulder while other devices get their updates. I’ve been an HTC fan for a long time, but I really got annoyed with the slow updates and their terrible idea of releasing the One X and the One X+ on the same carrier (att) back to back so I sold my One S and bought the Note II.

  • John Kurokawa

    HTC really got it right with the One. It is a joy to use and the best smartphone I’ve ever used. I hope they can turn their financial woes around!

  • Benjamin Booher

    I have the HTC one and it’s by far the best phone ive ever used. I was on my way to work the other day and had it on my car charger on my passenger seat and someone actually pulled up next to me and asked about it.. I dont like Samsung’s plastic. It feels cheap. I love my HTC one. it surpasses Samsung by far

  • ACB

    I bought the HTC One in Chicago last weekend and according to the T-Mobile salesman they have been flying off the shelf. Samsung has a ridiculous advertising budget so I’m not surprised that the S4 is selling equally well or better at this point.

    • paxmos

      Do you really trust what these sales people say?. All they want to do is sell you something and they will tell you anything to do that. I went to ATT and Best Buy and did not see a crowd around the HTC One let alone flying off of the shelves. I have not seen the GS4 yet, but was not excited about the HTC One at my local Best Buy.
      I forgot to say, it is just tall and narrow like iPhone 5..that’s all

      • Shaikh&GuestLoveMe

        You mean the iPhone 5 is original? *sarcasm*

        • paxmos

          It was just for the sake of comparison and to relay that it is not really good looking..using N4 myself.

  • Ray

    I’ve had the One since the 27th, T-Mobile version to be exact. As a moderate user, I can go 10+ hours without charging. The speakers are loud which is a plus because I hate using earphones. Sometimes you have to take a couple shots but most of the time the camera is fine. I had issues but the good old factory reset resolved most of my problems. I’ve never experienced the S4 yet, so I can’t comment on that.

  • Gabriel G

    I bought the HTC One from T-Mobile and I agree with most of the reviewers here that is most likely the best android phone out there. Despite Samsung’s marketing campaign, if customers have the chance to try one they would walk out with it. I love the quality and design of the device, the sound, and the camera. I hope too that it will help htc turn the tide.

  • Kit Pogi

    First I’d like to say that this phone will sell and continue sell well….I brought it to work the first and barely got to hold my phone. IPhone 5 owners were hogging it the whole day. And here’s the kicker, the next day, 5 of my coworkers went and got the One. Now I’m not the only cool kid on the block with the sexiest beast ever produced! Well, done HTC, well done. No flaws on my device so far as this post mentioned. No dead pixel nor speaker issues. Only issue I found was, BoomSound does make its presence heard :-) really loud sterio quality sound.


    I went to the store absolutely sure that I wanted the S4. However it was next to the one. And after playing with both and the far superior design of HTC one, but changed my mind. So I got the one instead. After a week I am delighted with my phone. TBH both s4 and one are great phones. My advice is see both together and see which you like – bit like choosing between merc and BMW.

  • Greeny

    I seriously played with both but I love my music and love taking pics of my kids and the one is absolutely brilliant at both. Zoe is unbelieveable and beats audio with the stereo speakers wow, no contest for me, one all the way!!! Only my opinion though :)

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  • sidney

    For the first time I have had people ask me is that the new HTC one, the guy at the car dealership had one too. No one knew about my one s but they know about this.the question isn’t if it’s going to outsell the galaxy we know it probably won’t but it will hold it’s own to the point where the next gen HTC phone if as premium will have a chance to out sell.

  • Terry Majamäki

    Love the HTC One, I ordered the developer edition from HTC. Amazing phone. It replaced my Nexus One.

  • Trueh8r

    Its due to the name, people know samsung better than htc. Though it is obvious that the one is clearly a better device.

  • Matthew Shinn

    I traded my Note at Target, only paid $35 for my HTC ONE. I have used every smartphone AT&T has launched since the iPhone and this feels, sounds, and looks the best out of all of them. I tried scratching the back with my keys, they simply wipe off. I have played with the S4 but didn’t feel the need to buy once since it’s not a big enough upgrade from the S3. The 4.7″ screen is perfect and not to wide my thumb can reach the corners while holding it with one hand. Camera takes better pics and low light pics than my lumia 920 which beats just about every camera phone out there.

  • anno

    Ive had the HTC one for a week. Great display. Very nice camera. And the boom speakers are amazing! I also love the live feed home page. With that said, since this is my first android phone, I must say I’m not very impressed with the android operating system. It’s quite buggy. In one week I’ve had to have my service reset 2x, run a backup, and reinstall a FEW apps that stoped working. Not sure I can blame HTC for this or not. All I know is that in the four years of using san iPhone I never once had to do any of the things I mentioned. Sure the ios may not have all the bells and whistles and customization but it always worked without hesitation. I find the android to be very clunky, and not very intuitive. For instance just to close apps you have to go through five different layers and then it sends you back to the home screen for which you have to go through five different layers again to close the next app. And yes I downloaded an app killer but then was told not to use it. It’s just little things like this that make the ios superior to the android system. On the other hand the HTC one clearly has the same deathgrip issue the iPhone 4 had. It’s been documented and I can cut my signal strength in half without hesitation just by holding the phone a certain way. So in the end the HTC one has some really great features but I’m just not sure if the great attributes out way the clunky android os and the antenna issues.

    • guest

      Regarding closing apps – you are clearly not using the phone correctly…. long press the home key and swipe apps displayed to close as many as you like – one button and then swiping to close – not five “layers”.

      • anno

        Actually, you have to double tap the home key. But this list is only nine apps max. If you have more, they don’t show. Further more, doing this doesn’t actually close down the app. For example, if I’m using Pandora, and then follow this method to close the app, the music continues to play and Pandora continues to run. So the app really isn’t closed. In order to complety close a running app you have to go to settings>apps>select an app>then select close. Then instead of returning to the apps section it returns you to the home screen from which point you have to run through the processes again. Maybe not a big deal if you have only a few to close. But if you’re shutting things down after a days of use this can be quite time consuming. And by that I mean it takes much longer than the 2 seconds it would take on an iPhone. Maybe I just don’t know how to use the phone right or have just been spoiled with the intuitive iPhone?

  • anno

    And the spell check / auto correct is obviously not that great!

  • hanumanbob

    Obviously the S4 will sell more. Samsung’s marketing budget is monstrous. People buy what they see most of for the most part. The issue is that Samsung has more than Apple to worry about. Other manufacturers are coming out with great devices. There is a lot of choice and that’s good.

  • scythechick

    I bought the HTC one and I love it. It was a toss up between it and the s4. The thing that won me over is that the s4 didn’t seem like a huge step up from the s3 which was my previous phone, yeah had some new features but it wasn’t enough for Samsung to get me to buy another. Also the size if the phone. The slightly narrow figure of the HTC one makes the phone easier to hold, whilst it’s the same length so you don’t lose any screen size really, and I had noticed the s4 was roughly the same size as the s3 which I had problems dropping it because of it’s size.

  • John Forristal

    Used the Samsung Galaxy S II for past 2 tears but swapped it for the HTC One a few days ago. Very pleased with all aspects of my new phone. It is brilliant. Solid construction and beautiful design. Speed is amazing. Screen is stunning. Battery lasts all day. The camera exceeds my requirements, and the sound is exceptional. Samsung will continue to sell lots of products, but I like this phone better than the S4, and made sure the HTC One is the one in my pocket.

  • erg208

    I settled for the HTC One with T-Mobile. I could care less about Samsung’s Galaxy 4 fancy features. The build just looks and feels cheap for my taste (which actually costs more). It’s back scratches very quickly. The HTC One is just solidly built and crafted beautifully and you get a lot less bloatware.

  • Shaikh&GuestLoveMe

    I really hope HTC does get better. I had the T-Bolt and now the DNA. Hopefully they get better with updates. Can’t stand Sammy hogging up the android user base.

  • 9a6or

    I can confirm the stuck pixel problems, I have returned four HTC Ones in a row.

  • King

    Htc one is still not widely available in Europe, but I tried a gs4 from a friend. I tested the so-called gimmicky features of gs4 which work perfectly fine.Overall gs4 is a great device.

  • Pat

    I returned my HTC One for a G4 because I could not get used to the power button and I didn’t see anything exciting about the phone. The minute I picked up the S4, I knew that it was the phone for me. I like the so called gimmicky features and they work well for me. After reading about the HTC One’s death grip, I’m glad I returned mine. I was also afraid of the battery. I was an avid iPhone user and I new that the phone could be fixed if the battery failed, but I didn’t have the same confidence in HTC as I did with Apple. The HTC also had other issues, gaps around the phone, home and back buttons would not light up unless you covered the proximity sensors, and the battery life on mine was not good. I would like for a phone to last at least as long as my contract and this phone was just not worth the price for me.