Google ‘Babel’ To Be Named ‘Hangout’?

| May 4, 2013 | 7 Replies


We’ve heard so much about Google’s unified messaging system, called Babble, Babel, and now we’re hearing it called ‘Hangout’. Personally, I don’t really like any of the names, but I’d prefer Babble, or Babel because naming it Hangout is going to be confusing since we already have Hangouts on Google+.

This rumor of it being called ‘Hangout’ comes from a member in The Verge’s forums, Ryan Socio, who said that he had a chance to check out Hangout for a minute or too. Ryan says that the app is more of an overhaul on Google Talk than a whole new app. Also, the icon is green and pretty similar to the Google+ messenger icon, according to Ryan. He also said that the UI is going to be Holo, which is exactly what we’d expect. Ryan also said that it’ll unify messaging, which we were expecting.

I know what you’re thinking here. Why are we writing up a post about a forum post? Well, this very same guy had advanced notice of all the devices Google was launching at their event last fall (which got cancelled due to a hurricane). So that makes us believe that he has a inside track at Google. But on another note, if he does have an inside track with Google, no one can find him over on Google+. Also a quick Google search for his name only shows a LinkedIn and Disqus profile.

Additionally, some of what we’ve heard previously ties right into Ryan’s post. So this could be right, but we won’t know until Google officially announces Babel, Babble, Hangout, or whatever they decide to name it. We’re definitely hoping we’ll see this new app/service unveiled at Google I/O in just over a week. We’ll keep digging to see if we can find some more information regarding Google’s unified Messaging service.

How many of you are excited for Babble/Babel/Hangout? Let us know in the comments down below.

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  • Paul Taylor

    If the icon is going to be green, that suggests to me that it could also replace the existing SMS app. Two green messaging icons? Surely not…

  • J.L. “J7″ Gatewood StarrWulfe

    Why wouldn’t they capitalize off the “Hangout” brand and expand it into the whole gambit of chat and IM? Makes perfect sense to me.

    • MrSerbious

      They have already been using Google talk. Talk or even messenger makes more sense in my mind then Hangout(s) or Bable.

  • FiveZeroFour

    “Hangout” isn’t really a brand that is associated with anything in the average consumers mind and so there is little to capitalize off of, in my personal opinion.

  • Favian Orozco

    Cool I guess, nothing really wrong with the Google Talk app, but if “Hangout” makes things better then I look forward to using it.

  • spectremANDROID

    Google has a plan. I’m highly interested. I’ve felt for years Noe that all of thus agoogke communications oriented service should be simplified, unified or generally cleaned up and made more sensible. Looking forward to see how well they’ve done in that respect. Whatever its called, if it works, we all win.

    • spectremANDROID

      Wow… Typos… Proofread much? Sorry. In a rush. ☺