Galaxy S4 Users Say Samsung Forgot to Tout ‘S Lag’ – Guess that Octa-Core Isn’t So Great Afterall?

| May 2, 2013 | 44 Replies


It’s really starting to look like Samsung rushed the Galaxy S4 to retailers this year. Just about a week or two after the Galaxy S4 was announced, Samsung announced that the Exynos 5 Octa chip supports LTE. Which was the big reason why the US and other LTE markets were getting a Snapdragon 600 processor. Then once it got close to launch, the Galaxy S4 began to be backordered. In fact Sprint and T-Mobile are still sold out. Now we’re seeing complaints that the Exynos 5 Octa has been lagging while doing nothing. Which is pretty sad for a 8-core processor, am I right?

Twitter user @ramontrotman, says “Samsung forgot to market it’s most prominent feature, S Lag. The feature that makes your 8 core 2 week old phone lag while doing nothing.” The user is playing off of Samsung’s motto of “S all the things”. This is actually quite surprising, since the Exynos processor has been rather zippy in most reviews and demos. Additionally, the Exynos 5 octa has beaten rivals in benchmarks, rather annihilated them.


We’ve heard from Samsung’s head, JK Shin that “it doesn’t matter what processor your Galaxy S4 is running”, well it looks like it does Mr. Shin. I haven’t used either Galaxy S4 yet, so I can’t confirm whether it does actually lag or not. We’re seeing reports that the ‘S Lag’ is only on the Galaxy S4 Exynos 5 Octa edition, so it looks like those of us in the US, UK, and other countries lucked out getting the Snapdragon 600. Where it appears Samsungs “most prominent” feature is now apparent. Which is actually a good thing this time around.

For those of you that have picked up the Galaxy S4, have you noticed any lag? Let us know in the comments below, also specify which variant you have so we can tell if it’s just the Exynos 5 Octa or the Snapdragon 600 variant as well.

Source: Gotta Be Mobile

Update: We’re also seeing reports here:

Android Central Forums

Times of India

XDA Forums


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  • mikeGsays

    ONE user tweets this, and it’s news? Damn, I wonder what would happen if all the tech sites made news stories for slanderous tweets against phone manufacturers!

    And no, my quad-core Snapdragon 600 doesn’t lag at all, so I don’t expect the Exynos 5 to either, considering all the benchmarks and real-world tests performed where the Exynos 5 crushed the S-600…. and even IF it did lag, there’s a lot of bloat on these phones just waiting to be stripped off and CPU performance sped up as soon as the bootloader unlock is released by Dan “The Man,” so let’s not jump to any conclusions just yet – especially not after ONE TWEET

    • acrox999

      Different processors, different technologies. And it’s not ONE tweet, there are a lot of reports out there regarding this. I haven’t tried out the S4 myself, but it’s most likely Samsung is the one to be blamed. They are known for doing ‘extensive internal testing’ seemed like nothing.

    • Cosmin Bond

      The Exynos 5 cpu uses only one of the two 4-core cpus, one slower cpu for general usage and one faster cpu for games, heavy usage and benchmarks.
      Galaxy s4 cpu for general usage is Quad-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A7
      Galaxy s3 cpu is Quad-core 1.4 GHz Cortex-A9
      So the galaxy s4 uses a less powerful cpu than s3 but has a bigger resolution screen, more features.
      I saw on an youtube hands-on video, galaxy s4 took 3 seconds to load the phone dialer and had some other lags. So galaxy s4 it’s slower than s3, except for games and benchmarks.

      • mikeGsays

        WHO told you that the S4′s Snapdragon 600 ARMv7 is a 1.2GHz processor? In the HTC One, it’s 1.7GHz, and in my S4, it’s 1.9GHz, SetCPU shows it at 1890MHz to be exact…. so no, Samsung didn’t use a SLOWER processor in the S4 compared to the International S3!

        • James Hryb

          A7 exynos at 1.2 then when gaming, it takes 20ms to switch to the A15 exynos at 1.6ghz. it is all about operations per clock cycle. muck like how Athlon 1.8ghz x86 were crushing Intel at 3.4ghz. if you can do 8ops/hz instead of 4…… I hope this clears things up.

  • Werner

    I have the Exynos 5 Octa and no lagging here! Great phone. Loving it!

  • Ervin Esteban

    So if I tweet about HTC One lagging will you tweet about it too? This article is very immature. You can’t write something like this without backing it up with credible proof. And you must at least experience it yourself.

    This article is just another AH article hating on Samsung.

    • Alexander Maxham

      Really? hmm, because Android Police said in their review that theirs lagged, and there’s a huge thread on Android Central’s forum complaining about the lag. So it’s not “another AH article hating on Samsung”, it’s another AH article bringing you news.

      • Marvin Esteban

        So you clearly haven’t experienced it yet? Wow. This is not news, it’s black propaganda. I own the S4 octa and it doesn’t lag at all. Way smoother than my note 2 and HTC One.

        • Alexander Maxham

          If you do a Google search, you’ll find that other’s have had lag. Like I said, Android Police mentioned it in their review. You really think they’d say that it has a small amount of lag if it didn’t? There are also some threads in forums on XDA and Android Central saying the same thing.

          No one said it was smoother than the Note 2 or HTC One.

        • Krel Adam

          are you delusional? Everyone is saying there’s lag, if you cant notice lag on he S4 you are in DENIAL, fact.

        • muzzy

          Thanks for knowing us that you have note 3 and HTC one too.

  • David Buse

    Wow, another anti-Samsung article by Alexander Maxham.

    Thank god it’s based on real evidence, like someone’s tweet.

    What a joke.

    Time to get my android news somewhere else I think.

    • Alexander Maxham

      Hmm, it’s “anti-Samsung” because reports of it lagging are going around? I guess I made those up right?

      • william reynolds

        I believe he says that because your article only mentions one person who says this. No mention of other individuals. You also say that you don’t believe an s4 user would lie about the lag. You are taking the tweeters word that he is indeed an s4 owner. We don’t know for sure if he is or not.

        Also, the octo core may be great. Samsung may have just done a poor job on the software side. I know on the N7 that there was lag caused by Currents syncing in the background. Perhaps an unruly app is causing the lag without the user aware of it.

      • Marvin Esteban

        So if you say that a Samsung Galaxy s4 wouldn’t lie then will you believe me that my GS4 doesn’t lag at all? I am a Galaxy S4 user too! You know just for the sake of fair and unbiased news. I am pretty sure posts of it being smooth as butter is also going around.

      • Marvin Esteban

        You know, it’s really easy to say that their GS4 is laggy even if they don’t have any GS4 at all. Thats why I am asking you if you have any real experience using the octa core version.

  • boballistic

    In my short time playing with the s4, it was almost iphone smooth. Android usually has a hiccup or two every now and then, but nothing worth noting.

    • Alexander Maxham

      Not all Android phones. Mostly just those with custom skins, i.e. Touchwiz, Sense, etc.,

      • boballistic

        I’ve never used a nexus device to know of a hiccupless android. if the n4 had lte and a better camera, I’d be all over it!

        • Alexander Maxham

          I wouldn’t necessarily say “hiccupless” but it is smoother than my Galaxy S3.

  • icyrock1

    It’s not just the octa core version that is experiencing this. People over on XDA and android central have reported having the same problem of lag. A fix that seems to work for some is to disable the extra software features and lower the animation frame rate to .5

    • Kolyan24k

      0.5 or completely OFF

  • NJR

    Lag? Like when playing a video I just recorded using the same phone? This kind of “LAG”? Yes, I record a minute or less video with my S4 and when I play it back it LAGSSSSSS, STOPS, PUSESSSS ETC.

    • tabrik

      got a s4 octacore on the day of its release but my HTC one X+ is faster. The samsung has a slight but noticeable lag. No doubt.

  • Junior

    So much hate for the s4 huh! Very much anti-samsung

  • Steffen Andersen

    Are You storing on the microSDcard? Nothing said about bad apps, influencing the thing? Either? It is a known fact, that cheap SDcards cannot speed up to follow HD!? You’ll have to buy a Class10 SDcard! This is important!

  • Chris Barnes

    I really question the validity of this article. The early benchmarks don’t lie. The phone can’t be too bad setting that Samsung was cleared by the Pentagon.

  • Confused

    What does that mean? “lagging while doing nothing?” if it is doing nothing as in not being used, you’re just looking at the screen, how can it lag?? Shouldn’t there be an example? Like when I tried to open the browser it stalled up n lagged for a few seconds? Lags while doing nothing??

    • Dhirendra

      The UI lags for instance. when unlocking phone after an idle period of say 1 hr, i can notice lag while swiping the home screens, application screen, swiping up down on a big vertical list.e.g email or application manager.

  • flamencoguy

    Maybe some users don’t know the difference between slow wifi and real lag?

  • KJJ

    I have been trying out my wife’s iphone 5 for quite a while before purchasing the S4 (and previously having a HTC HD7 (WP7)) and there is a noticeable lag in some actions. Whilst not a major problem, you definitely notice it on certain time-sensitive applications (games) – songpop, for example, on the iphone 5 is extremely quick yet on my new S4 it isn’t at all quick! Why?? The screen portrait/landscape autorotate function, which was extremely quick on my 2.5 year old HTC HD7, is sooo slow to react on the s4. Why?? Whilst not big problems, I really expected this phone to be head and shoulders, in this respect, over my WP7, and at least as good as the iphone 5 – but it isn’t. Still learning about my new phone, but this is an instantly noticeable niggle.

    • samborino

      I think that alot of regular phone users just dont know what to change to make their phone fast. For instance smart rotation is on by default i beleive which means that the phone checks the position of your eyes before it rotates. I bet thats the problem with yours if you turn that off it should rotate quite fast. Same with the home button alot of people dont know svoice is enabled by default by double tapping the home button, so when you tap the home button it waits about half a second to see if your going to tap it again. If you turn this off, the home button will work instantly with no delay. Samsung is trying to make your life easier with these features, but alot of times it just makes people think their phone is lagging or something.

      I could go on about how the different features effect respond times through checks etc but i think you get the idea. Also alot of people dont know to clear their ram they never reset their phones and have a million applications running and eventually their ram just fills up. For alot of s4 users this is probably their first android phone so reports of things like this are to be expected when they dont know to do things like clear the ram etc.

  • iphonefan

    I have and iphone 5, HTC One and a quad core S4. The HTC One has noticeable lag compared to the S4 and iphone. The iphone is slow compared to the S4. The S4 is the fastest and brightest phone on the market and will most likely remain so for the next couple years.

    • mikeGsays

      I don’t know about “years,” but thanks for being an iThing fan and appreciating the power of Android!

  • Kolyan24k

    I checked out Sprint version and I noticed lag due to software. Turning off animations fixed the issue, I also read that turning off home button shortcut for S-Voice helps some home button lag.

  • Kolyan24k

    GS4 lags, HTC One has sh1tty quality……its even :)

  • Trevor Traub

    Since when is a single twitter user enough of a source for an artilce?

  • Lou Rivera

    yes and my air gesture is not working…sprint service over

  • Joshua deVille

    NOVA LAUNCHER, fixes all lag issues and makes your phone run even smoother and faster, plus gives you stock android look on your GS4!!

  • Joshua deVille

    Skins like Touchwiz and Sense are the Problem not Android.

  • baggots55

    I’ve just gotten my Samsung S4 GT-I1905 and I can say that I am experiencing lagging issues when opening apps like Gallery, Music or Camera despite resetting factory settings and have latest android version 4.2.2 installed. My old Iphone4 was much faster in comparison. 2 friends who own Samsung S3 and Note 2 also found that S4 was much slower compared to theirs. Quite disappointed overall with S4 at the moment.

  • awi

    hi guys really dont understand what my s4 processor was. it was read 4 cores with 1.6ghz clock…. anyone can help thx

  • Chaoz

    I have the Snapdragon 600 and it lags a after playing a game