Droid Daily 5/14/13: GIV Mobile, Pinterest, Google I/O 2013, and More

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Google Fiber’s Next Stop, Gladstone Missouri


Google continues it’s Fiber tour and heads to Gladstone, Missouri. Google also recently announced Fiber coming to Austin Texas, and Provo, Utah.

Google I/O 2013 App Gets a last minute update

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Today, the Google I/O companion app got a quick last minute update. Here’s what the Changelog says from the Play Store.

- Added session feedback form.
- Improved maps functionality.
- Higher resolution speaker photos.
- Added DashClock widget support.
- Various fixes for stability and performance.
- Added localizations.
- Disabled experimental RTL layout support.

TWC TV Gets Updated, but Verizon only

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Today, the Time Warner Cable app got a pretty big update. Here’s the full changelog from the Play Store:

What’s in this version:

- Added thousands of free and subscription on demand TV shows and movies
- Added out of home access to selected on demand shows and live TV channels
- Expanded device support for video playback (now Android 2.2 or higher)
- Added live TV mini guide filtering and sorting options
- Bug fixes

Pinterest Gets Updated in the Play Store

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Pinterest also got a sizeable update in the Play store today. Here’s the full changelog:

What’s in this version:

-Get push notifications to know when someone comments, likes or repins your stuff
-Search…and you shall receive suggestions
-Mention your friends in comments

GIV Mobile is a new no-contract Mobile service


Here’s another new no-contract phone service, this one is GIV mobile. The difference with this one is that they give about 8% of their customer’s monthly “Unlimited everything” to up to 3 non-profit charities of their choice. It’s a pretty unique service.

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