Consumer Reports Declares Galaxy S4 to be Best Phone in the World

| May 20, 2013 | 41 Replies



Many people around the world rely on consumer reports for their comprehensive reviews of all different types of electronics.  Today they updated their smartphone rankings and put the Galaxy S4 atop the list, beating out the previous title holding Optimus G. This is obviously great news for Samsung, because when a company with 76 of reputation declares your product the best, people will listen.

Consumer reports loved the beautiful 5 inch, 1080p display. They particularly loved that it was sensitive enough to register commands even through gloves, a feature every smartphone sold in Michigan (a few others phones already do) should include.

Consumer Reports enjoyed many of the features Samsung added to their OS with Touchwiz. They liked the various gestures and sensors implemented by Samsung saying they were useful for, “accessing and sharing content you create and capture on your phone.” In addition the IR blaster was a favorite new tool, perfect for “couch potatoes.”

The supposed “S-Lag” reported my many didn’t appear to bother reviewers at Consumer Reports. They said  “the S4 delivered top-notch performance in the most critical areas of our tests.” The S4 performed well while multitasking and the ability to easily watch a video while composing an email was praised.

An endorsement by Consumer Reports is highly sought after. Being able to broadcast that your product is the best to 7.3 million subscribers is always a good thing. This will boost the S4′s sales even higher, not that they require any help as sales records are already being broken.

The Galaxy S4 has been ripped on for a spate of issues within the tech writing community. So why is it that they were ranked higher than the frequently better liked HTC One? Simply because Consumer Reports tries very hard to ensure that they keep the average consumer in mind when dong their product reviews. This is why you wouldn’t see any mention of purple screen blur or S-lag in their article. The average smartphone purchaser would probably never notice issues like that.

No review can fully represent every person’s point of view. Even though you or I may or may not agree with the S4′s placement, it makes their selection no more or less valid. There is no such thing as a universally perfect smartphone. A device that is best for you, might just be wrong for someone else.

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The Curious Case of Benjamin Commet began with an Archos 7 ht. The glorious openness, the lag and desperate searches for cupcake compatible apps made him the Android fanatic he is today. The devices are a little bit faster. They don't require continual ruthless stabbing of an innocent little reset button, but the pure thrill of android has never faded.
  • tim

    HTC ONE is the best phone in my opinion

  • datkid

    I bought the HTC ONE over the S4 and I stick by my word!

    • CoreyShaughnessy

      It’d be hard for you not to stick by your word unless you could time travel.

      • Mark Long


    • Alexander Maxham

      They are both good phones, at the end of the day it comes down to personal preference. After all, you’re the one that has to use it everyday.

  • No_Nickname90

    I would love to see how the HTC One fairs against the S4 by the end of this year. Having the GS2, I was more than sure I would get the S4 for my upgrade. I have the HTC One. I can’t wait to see how this all pans out at the end of the year. And lets see what Apple has to bring to the table.

    • Bonedatt

      I also have the GS2. Waited to see what the S4 would look like and what features would be incorporated. Ended up with the HTC ONE. Love the feel of it in my hands, the adequate built-in 32GB storage, awesome speakers, beautiful design, great camera and sense 5.0 has matured to the point where it knows not to include gimmicky features.

      • HTC None

        Better to have those features and not need it than to need it and not have them. I think you just got bored with the Galaxy series. Of course you’d enjoy something newer. I think overall the S4 has more to offer.

        • Bonedatt

          You’re absolutely right. It’s better to have features and not need them than to need them and not have it. Fortunately, there isn’t a feature that I need that I don’t have on the HTC one. Plus (like you rightly guessed) I got bored with Samsung’s boring design.

  • mikeGsays

    I love all the “HTC One is the best” crap in the comments…… too funny, you all do realize that both NOKIA and BLACKBERRY, individually, outsold HTC last year, right? Samsung’s gonna step on your miserable little phone and I’m glad to continue my Galaxy experience from 1 all the way to 4, bravo Samsung!

    Oh, and I should also mention how pitiful the writing was in this article, blatantly trying to make it seem like the S4 is crap and the HTC One is oh so much better….. it isn’t, and sales figures will clearly reflect it!

    • Mike Palmer

      HTC can’t even compare no matter how many tech bloggers try to convince the world of it…….. Not everyone is hipsters and real world people will pick the S4 all day long!

      • SL Carrtel

        You mean all day lag!

        • Mike Palmer

          That’s funny you say that because everyone that i know that actually had used the phone including reviews praises the for it being a phone with zero lag, but we are suppose to believe some guy on the Internet that hates it for whatever reason, I think both phones are strong phones but I know HTC and they have sucked in the past!

          • Mark Long

            I am in agreement with you. I have the S4 and experience zero lag. There was slight lag before the OTA update but there is zero lag now. I have both phones in my house and I prefer, ever so slightly, the S4 over The One.

            • Mike Palmer

              I have some family members that have the S4 and they said the same thing, congrats on your new phone(s) !

    • noncitizen

      popularity =/= quality.
      sorry, but sales numbers have no impact on my not spending hundreds of dollars on a plastic phone.

      I’m not saying the S4 doesn’t perform or have impressive features, or that it is a cheap device. But it still feels like one. they can sell 50M of them, users will be happy…but it’ll still clear Samsung dedicates far more to marketing than design.

      • mikeGsays

        and “all metal” =/= quality either!

        Walked right into that one….. if you think for one second that the HTC One is a “better phone” just because it is all metal, I’ve got some man-made diamonds that are “better than the real deal” and a 70′s Buick that is “better because it’s all metal” to sell you

        What a joke! The largest cell phone manufacturer doesn’t get it and the one that fell from grace–err, the top of the heap 7 years ago–does? HA!

    • SL Carrtel

      I guess Toyota is better than Porsche based on your mathematics logic?

    • Rex

      Because as we all know, higher sales = better device. Watch out Rolls Royce, all those Toyotas being sold around the world means your days of ruling the luxury marque are over!

  • wonderboy8472

    Lol Its funny how people think in terms of rite fone 4 the job instead of best quality n performance. if people actually looked at the 2 fones side by side, u could tell rite away which one is better. First of all, they r both running close versions of Android so functionality shouldn’t hinder a less-abled person in terms of use. HTCs fone is like a Nissan GT-R handcrafted with meticulous effort n precision throughout the fone. The S4 is a revamped version of the S3 with the same non-durable plastic. I would compare it to a Ford Mustang, nice to look at but will breakdown if used rough n built like a toy. I would rate the S4 7/10 while the HTC One would be at a 10/10 but that’s just me lol. Make ur own opinions.

    • Michael Shmidt

      Accord to Samsung, it’s a different kind of plastic (supposedly stronger).

  • Todd Brown

    If you’re gonna put it in a case anyways, who cares whether the outside is plastic? Not even to take away from the HTC One, but the “cheap plastic” argument seems like a cop-out at this point. And stop being so damn sensitive people… Its just a phone.

  • Guest

    The best mobile phones:
    1. HTC One
    2. Galaxy S4
    3. Xperia Z
    4. iPhone 5
    5. Nexus 4

  • SL Carrtel

    Is Consumer Reports still in business.? They’re the Walmart of electronic advise.

  • Shane Piskur

    No sd card lot or removable battery for htc one immediately drops it under s4 for me

    • Mike Palmer

      For me that makes the HTC not even a choice, well that and their reputation for not supporting their phones after they are bought!

      • Mike Palmer

        Well that and the HTC One aren’t even coming to my carrier Verizon lol

  • Qtech Software

    I believe it is not this phone best, It is the android OS that’s upon it built. The quality android applications are making this phone best.

  • Curtis-ray Watson

    I have a Samsung galaxy note 2 and is the best thing I have ever had :) it is great I recommend it if you don’t want the s4 but who wouldn’t lol so go with what makes you happy :)

  • alinm

    Using international Note II(don’t use the stylus at all), might upgrade to Note III or the next G Pro, don’t quite care about all those gimmicks, just need a good screen and specs and an acceptable camera for the occasional shot. Don’t care that much for brand, if htc would have launched a phone with the same screen size I might have bought it. Got the NII before the G Pro was launched or I might have purchased that one.

  • laurie

    *walking out of door to up from s3 as we speak*

  • Russell@Canton,Md

    SG4- Removable battery Removable battery Removable battery

  • Hang Tough

    Have any of you used or tried the Note Book 2?

  • buck205

    How great is it to have so many great choices? A little better than the one, or doesn’t have this feature or that?
    I love my S4, there is no doubt in my mind that the was the best choice or me.

  • Derek

    I have the Optimus G. I went through about a dozen phones before stopping at the Optimus G. It’s quick, has a good battery life, and the screen the best I’ve seen. My only complaint about the Optimus G was the looooooooong time it took LG and AT&T to release 4.1.

  • OdinaryPeople

    If you observe the people around you, you will find out that the majority of those who are using HTC One are people with respectable professions. No offense, just a fact.

    • Mike Palmer

      Opposed to us homeless poor, prostitutes lol

  • Darrin Booker

    Some people will never learn ….aluminum is not a premium metal.and most phones with metal builds usually come under spec to minimize heating issues like the htc one,both have the same processor but yet htc one is a 1.7 while the s4 is 1.9… u can continue to knock the s4 as much you like, but I doubt it change what people know or believe about the s4, cause im surely getting my money’s worth from the s4 over clocked processor thanks to its build.So can u htc one users say the same…..?

    • Tom Dawson

      Please, tell us how much 200 Mhz is going to effect performance. I’m sure we’d all love to know.

      The Galaxy S4′s CPU is not overclocked, that’s just a speed that Qualcomm recommend it to be run at, HTC underclocked their 600 to 1.7 Ghz. 200 Mhz on the same SoC will make next to no difference.

  • gman

    My HTC sensation did not have the specs and features of its counterpart Samsung phone. I traditionally go for the underdog, but this time around I decided to go with the Samsung Galaxy S4 and, so far, I consider it to be the best phone that I have ever had. it is so much faster than my HTC sensation that I feel as if I have been created over the past 18 months. I finally have a phone that performs the way that I believe a Smartphone should, and I feel great about my purchase. With my previous two phones I found myself makang excuses for thier flaws and trying to pump up what was good about them. I don’t have to do that with my GS4. I was close to buying the HTC one because of familiarity with the manufacturer and its software. I am glad that I did not. The HTC one may be all that it is hyped up to be, and it also my not be, but it did not have a removable battery like I needed. I travel for my job and keep an extra battery to use when I am waiting for my plane at airports. I also needed a phone with an expandable sd card slot because I already had a 32 gig sd card with a lot of stuff on it already. The GS4 was the phone that had what I needed. To top that off, it has top of the line specs and functionality. No excuses here.

  • Drakennz

    Is there any room left in this world to like both the S4 and HTC One? Why does it have to be one or the other, can’t they both be good phones that target different audiences? I have a GS2 and have just purchased the HTC One, I upgrade my phone’s regularly and don’t have a need for either the external memory or a change of battery, hence why I went for the One (it was also $200 cheaper here in NZL).

    For those of you who do need the extra space and their phone to outlast it’s battery, the S4 is a great phone! I really do like the front facing speakers of the HTC One, also the improved low light captures, but the S4 has almost no weaknesses that I can think of, it’s a great phone. I just don’t understand why we’re not allowed to like both? lol