Google+ Sign In Coming to Entire Internet; Thanks to Deals with Gigya and Janrain

April 2, 2013 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Just about a month ago, Google finally released the “Sign in with Google+” button. It’s a nice red button, and looks a lot better than the Facebook Connect button. Basically the Google+ Sign-in is the same as the Facebook and Twitter ones. The idea here is using your Google account for everything, which we already kinda do. Up until now it’s only been available on a few sites. One of the more popular ones being Fancy. Well now, Google has signed deals with Gigya and Janrain, so you should be seeing the big red Google+ button just about everywhere on the web.


Gigya and Janrain are used by a ton of different clients. The image above shows just a few of the clients between the two companies. Gigya and Janrain are two social giants, and are used in just about every site. Even some you didn’t know about. These sites include BBC, Time, Reuters, and so many others. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll see every site out there using Google+ to sign in, although it would be awesome. But it does make it even easier for sites to implement our favorite red button.

The question now is how many people will use it. We are constantly seeing reports that Google+ is a so-called “Ghost town” which is untrue. Lately, Google has really been pushing their social network, in fact now you can only leave reviews on the Play Store if you use your Google+ profile. But if you’re on Google+, you’ll be able to find the entire Android Headlines team so you won’t be alone as we are constantly on there interacting with our readers. Although I’d love to see more people using it.

So the question now is, will the masses trust Facebook, Twitter or Google+ more? My money is on Google+. Since you already have a Google account for your Android phone or tablet, it’s one less account you have to remember the credentials for. Would you use Google+ sign in over Facebook or Twitter? Let us know in the comments below.