Google Adds Rotten Tomato, Wikipedia Integration Into Mobile Search

April 16, 2013 - Written By Chance Miller

Many people seem to overlook that fact that prior to developing Android and things like Project Glass, Google was do incredibly well simply being the biggest search engine on the internet. Their skill in search is obviously present on Android, as well. At the basis of Google Now is search. The ability to search everything on your device and on the web would not be so seamless if it weren’t for Google’s skills in search. On Tuesday, the company announced changes to its mobile search site that will only make it better. rotten tomatoes new

Google’s big thing with searching, especially on mobile, has always been to make the process as quick and smooth as possible, and today’s changes definitely reflect that. First, if you search for Rotten Tomatoes, there is a new quick link under the main search for “In Theaters,” that will allow you to quickly and easily view the best movies in theaters and new movies in theaters. This will help you reduce the number pages you have to load and time you have to wait to get the information you’ll need waiting in line at the movie theater.


The second new feature in Google mobile search is “Quick view.” This feature allows for you to view a break down of information on a topic from Wikipedia without having to load the full Wikipedia page. For example, if you search for “poker hands,” you will see a new blue quick view button. Tap that, and you will see a simple version of the Wikipedia page for that topic. Google does point out that this is an experimental feature and only works when you search in English on The company does, however, hope to roll it out to more and more websites as time goes on.


What do you think of the new Google Mobile search features? It’s definitely nice to see the company sticking to its roots and not neglecting its search department amidst the huge success of Android.

Source: Google Search Blog