Sponsored Game Review: Draw Rider

April 24, 2013 - Written By Tom Dawson

There are a great many things that make video games fun, whether it be violence, or maybe some sort of puzzle element. One thing that’s always sure to make for an entertaining game is physics. Speed, momentum and control are all very challenging aspects to games and the best thing is that they can be delivered through simple controls, while still maintaining challenging gameplay. Draw Rider is yet another game that uses Physics to create a quality gameplay experience. Read on to see if Draw Rider is a game that you’d like to play.

Description: Draw Rider presents the player with a fantastically simple game that hinges on a black and white art style combined with a retro style that will bring back fond memories. Everything looks as though it were drawn on a piece of paper and then brought to life. The physics used in the game should keep all players on edge and present a big enough challenge to keep the game fresh. It’s actually quite difficult once you get going and thanks to the ragdoll physics you will feel the pressure when you continually fail a level. Take a look at the trailer below for a closer look:

How it Works: There are two versions to Draw Rider, there is the free version and then there’s also Draw Rider+ which adds a lot of features. If you like Draw Rider then it’s worth getting the plus version. Once you download the app from the Play Store, you’ll have to set up a nickname:

2013-04-23 17.13.07


After that, you can start playing the game. It’s definitely worth going through the tutorial levels to learn how to play:

2013-04-23 17.41.16


When you play in a level, the controls are easily laid out and they’re very easy to master:

2013-04-23 17.30.46


What isn’t so easy to master is the timing need to make sure you reach the end of the level in one piece, and before you run out of time:

2013-04-23 17.16.00


Of course, it wouldn’t be called Draw Rider if you weren’t able to draw your own levels, you can do this by selecting the editor from the main menu:

2013-04-23 19.08.35


Of course, you can see that I’m not a very good artist but, Draw Rider puts some brilliant tools at your disposal to create a really fun level:

2013-04-23 19.11.19


There are so many features to Draw Rider that it will have you coming back for more, time and time again. Why not take a look at Draw Rider+ if you liked the free version?

Opinion: Draw Rider is awesome fun, there’s so much inside of the game that you’ll find it hard to stay away. Not only is it a hard game to master but it also lets you create your own levels to play with. Thanks to the strange setting that looks like it’s a page taken out of an old school exercise book, there’s enough charm here that you quickly forget about the lack of color and fancy 3D graphics. Who needs 3D when you have a game that’s as cool as this is?


  • Speed (4/5) – Sometimes you have to ride slow, other times fast. Find the balance between the two is both challenging and rewarding in equal measure.
  • Features (5/5) – From the unique setting to the ability to create your own content, Draw Rider delivers a complete package that most mobile games fail to do.
  • Theme (5/5) – When a game dares to forego not just 3D graphics but color altogether, it has to deliver something pretty special and Draw Rider definitely delivers  it’s unique and the same time familiar.
  • Overall (5/5) – For those in love with physics titles, there’s enough on offer here to keep them coming back and newcomers will love Draw Rider for being different, challenging and just a whole lot of fun.


  • Easy to master controls combined with difficult to master gameplay.
  • Ability to create your own content.
  • Unique theme makes the game really stand out from the competition and makes gameplay really pop.
  • Wide variety of levels to tackle.


  • Some might find the game too difficult. 
  • Level editor is a little clunky.

Conclusion: overall, Draw Rider presents a game that is just one more physics based game after another but, what it does differently is treat the player as an experienced gamer. There’s no holding hands here, the game is offered up to you to enjoy however you like – you can ever create your own content on the fly! The unique setting is not only daring but, it helps amplify the gameplay and makes sure you play to the fullest of your ability. It’s a difficult game as well, this is not something you can complete in a day or a few hours, you’ve really got to work at it and that’s rewarding for gamers – both casual and hardcore alike – when we play games we want to feel like we’ve achieved something. So, do yourself a favor and start achieving by trying to beat Draw Rider.