Charlie Kindel

Charlie Kindel, Formerly a Windows Phone Manager, Now Works for Amazon on a ‘Secret’ Project

April 2, 2013 - Written By Briley Kenney

If there were any doubts about the upcoming Amazon smartphone being real, I would say they’ve now been pretty much eliminated. Charlie Kindel, a former Windows Phone Manager for Microsoft has changed gears and will now be working with Amazon. This news points to a fairly obvious conclusion if you ask me, but I’ll break it down for you so you can better understand my point.

Many believed the story to be part of an elaborate April Fools joke since it first appeared yesterday (April 1st). Kindel’s last name doesn’t help the situation either as it bears a striking resemblance to the name of Amazon’s flagship tablet.

Kindle confirmed via Twitter that the news is actually true. He now works for Amazon working on “secret”, “wonderful”, and “cool” projects. Additionally, he updated his LinkedIn profile to reflect his new position over at Amazon. Just a quick read through Kindel’s profile actually reveals quite a bit about what Amazon is doing, despite his rather cryptic musings.

Charlie Kindel Profile

As you can see from the image, he’s working on hiring developers (cloud and mobile), program managers and product managers. As it would seem, Amazon is certainly up to something and needs these positions filled for the upcoming project- whatever that may be.

It only makes sense that Amazon would pick up a renowned smartphone manager and fill those positions mentioned above if they’re working on a new device of some kind. What with all the smartphone rumors floating about, hiring a smartphone manager pretty much seals the deal.

Kindel’s LinkedIn also mentions that he is “building a new team going after a totally new area for Amazon.”

Couple all of this with the recent rumor that Innolux is producing displays for the 4.7-inch Amazon device, and you have an unequivocal answer. The Amazon smartphone is coming. What will they call it though? Are they going to stick with the Kindle brand, or will Amazon move on to something new?

Regardless of what Amazon is actually doing, it’s obvious that Charlie Kindel will be overseeing the project. No doubt this is terrific news for him, and it’s certainly more promising than working with the lackluster Windows Phone platform.

After doing some digging, I found this lovely number which talks about Kindel working on the Amazon Kindle Charlie.

“The Amazon Kindle Charlie will be Amazon’s entry into the hotly contested home server market.”

Which could very well debunk our theory that Kindel is working on a new Amazon smartphone. That begs the question, if Kindel is just working on a home server device for use with the cloud, then why is his current project listed as “secret” on LinkedIn?